Apple iPhone 6 rumor roundup: Specs, price, release date

Apple iPhone 6 rumor roundup: Specs, price, release date

Summary: What do we think we know about the anticipated iPhone 6, and more importantly, will you buy the iOS handset?

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Credit: Sonny Dickenson

There's no shortage of rumors concerning the iPhone 6 floating around the Internet, but considering how tight-lipped Apple remains on product launches, what do we think we know so far?

Rumored specifications:

At a glance:

  • 4.7-inch and 5.5-inch versions
  • Sapphire glass display
  • 2GHz+ processing power
  • 1GB RAM
  • Improved camera optical image stabilization, but no update on 8 megapixels 

In-depth materials and capabilities:

Screen Shot 2014-08-19 at 11.36.10

A sapphire glass screen is a hotly debated aspect of the new flagship phone, and two videos appeared in June which suggested a 4.7-inch display made of this material may be in the works. According to The Guardian, Professor Neil Alford of Imperial College London has spoken previously with Apple concerning sapphire displays, and the video below "could well be legitimate," according to the academic. Smaller bezels and an expanded use of screen real estate are expected to increase display size without making the iPhone itself much larger, according to uSwitch.

Bloomberg says that the iPhone 6s will be in 4.7-inch and 5.5-inch versions, and will feature curved glass screens able to detect different levels of pressure thanks to new sensors, while the Wall Street Journal agrees that two types of handset will be on offer, both of which will have larger screens than the 4-inch iPhone 5. 

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9to5Mac goes further, and claims the iPhone 6 could sport a screen resolution of up to 1704x960.

New patents filed by Apple suggest the latest handset could be thinner than its predecessors, and the company may use the LiquidMetal technology that it licensed in August 2010 and renewed last week to bind a Liquidmetal bezel to a sapphire glass screen, resulting in a thinner device than standard aluminium-framed handsets.

The handset -- or at least one version thereof -- is rumored to come with 1GB RAM, which is the same power sported by the iPhone 5 product line but less than Samsung's Galaxy S5. 

GforGames claims that Apple's newest flagship phone will contain a faster A8 processor. Citing Chinese media source cnBeta, the publication says that Apple's A8 SoC will boost frequencies of 2GHz or more per core, an increase from the iPhone 5S' 1.3Ghz A7 SoC. However, the chipset will continue to use dual-core architecture. 

GeekBar believes that the iPhone 6 the iPhone 6 will feature a Qualcomm MDM9625 modem, which lacks support for LTE Category 6, but is faster. If this is true, the iPhone 6 could reach data speeds of up to 150Mbps, carrier allowing, but will not be capable of 300Mbps speed.

In terms of battery life, Apple Daily says the larger iPhone will pack a powerful 2915 mAh battery, while the smaller version is rumored to sport a cell with capacity between 1800 and 1900 mAh.

Wireless charging may also be on the cards. TMZ claims that following a patent filed by Apple in 2012 for wireless charging protocols, leaked images reveal the possibility of charging without wires. 

According to Pacific Crest Securities analysts John Vinh and Kevin Chen, the 5.5-inch version will come equipped with improved image stabilization techniques for the handset's camera. Optical image stabilization (OIS) is designed to reduce shake and improve the sharpness of images, and is often found on high-end DSLR lenses. The China Post reports that the iPhone will retain its 8 megapixel camera -- rather than be upgraded to 12 - 16 megapixels -- but image stabilization will improve the camera's capabilities. 

Multiple reports suggest the iPhone 6 will come equipped with Apple's biometric fingerprint scanner TouchID, although retina scanning technology could also eventually become part-and-parcel of our future handsets. 

uSwitch claims to have snagged a market-ready iPhone 6, and says the device is the first to feature an Apple logo which lights up when the user is sent notifications. Slightly more out of the way, reports from China indicate that the iPhone 6 "secret weapon" will be new types of vibrator which will allow app developers to vary levels of vibration depending on the handset activities. 

When will it launch, and what else?

  • The iPhone 6 has an expected launch date of 9 September, before going on sale on 19 September.
  • However, a report from KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo suggests that the 5.5-inch iPhone 6 may face production issues, and may not be available until next year. 
  • uSwitch, in collaboration with Apple sleuth Sonny Dickenson, says that the iPhone 6 will remain usable with one hand, despite its size boost, as the tech giant has worked minimise the screen area that isn’t reachable.
  • Apple has reportedly ordered 70 to 80 million units ahead of launch, according to the Wall Street Journal.
  • The handset will run on Apple's iOS 8 operating system, with a particular bent towards fitness applications. 


Screen Shot 2014-08-19 at 11.32.08
Credit: Sonny Dickenson/Twitter
    • Sonny Dickenson, the source of rumor concerning the iPhone 6's supposed sapphire screen, posted the image above on Twitter, suggesting that the new handset will come with a reversible USB cable. If true, the cable will be more user-friendly as you will not need the cable the 'right side up' to charge your iPhone or iPad. As noted by The Verge, Apple has already filed a patent for the cable shown in Dickenson's picture.
    • In addition, with Apple's acquisition of Beats Audio, we're only going to start asking questions about a potential lineup of new audio equipment. Rumors suggest that Apple is preparing a new line of earphones for the launch of the iPhone 6, but it remains to be seen whether Beats technology can be integrated within the timeframe allowed.

Finally, how much can we expect to pay?

Details are thin on the ground surrounding the iPhone 6's rumored price, but many media outlets believe the handset's price will match the iPhone 5S. 

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Topics: Apple, iOS, iPhone, iPad, Mobility

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  • Maybe this iPhone will finally get it right

    If not, there's always the next one! This looks like a BlackBerry Z30. Apple is still struggling with security and poor battery life in all available iPhones. Those who have actually used a new BlackBerry 10 phone note it is like a better iPhone, even easier to use (Apple strength) with better battery life (some Androids).

    The Z10 is a far cheaper (free on most plans) iPhone alternative, the Z30... maybe the new iPhone will finally match a phone with nearly 24 hours battery life of constant use. My Q10 actually lasts 2 days of moderate email, TSN, browsing and Open Table, app use etc.
    • Are you and ad or what?

      Nice job cherry picking features from 3 different blackberry models to show advantages over 1 unreleased iPhone you know little about. Suggesting a phone you haven't seen running an OS you haven't seen looks similar to a specific model is ludicrous.

      iPhone battery and security works fine for me! Nice try though.
      • Blackberry - seriously?

        With near zero sales for the Z30 and Znn, a very good competition indeed :)
    • Re: yes, but..

      24 hour battery life doesn't mean much when you have very few apps and no hope that developers are going to even write them for the blackberry.
      • Plenty of apps + android

        Actually the BB 10 has plenty of good apps and it can run many android apps. I also have a Z10 and it is nice. We don't have any iPhones in our family but we do have an S4 and HTC One and I think I am more productive with BB.
    • Stupidity will never be right.

      Until Apple abandons its idiotic mania for making the devices thinner at the expense of BATTERY LIFE, its products will continue to be crippled and impractical. It's pathetic to see people carrying power adapters and cables around to restaurants and bars with their iPhone 5s, because the phones can't provide a day's worth of use.

      A power brick and a wad of wire are not "elegant", Apple. Nobody was complaining that the iPhone 4 was too thick.

      Then there are the other inept decisions from Apple, like removing the audio line out from the new dock connector. It's an iPOD PHONE! Why on earth would you remove the audio line out? And the video from the new dock connector is low-resolution, compressed garbage to boot!

      That's not even addressing the incompetent iOS UI, replete with hidden controls and design defects.

      And finally: A phone that doesn't audibly notify you that you missed a call is inexcusable. Apple's handheld Unix computer-phones don't perform a basic, essential function that was nailed by the StarTAC and other phones a decade and a half ago.
  • Great device if you like chinese garbage

    Yes, it is a very pretty piece of china you can hold in your hand.

    However, just like anything else from China, it's designed with a shelf life of about two years.
    • Ahhh Malcom...

      ...I hate to be the one to break this to please make sure you are comfortably seated...but the vast majority of ALL electronic devices are made in, or at the very least ASSEMBLED guessed it...CHINA.

      Sorry Bunky.

      So try and stay away from sharp objects until you can easily deal with this revelation....please?
    • LOL FAIL

    • Iphones have a long life

      Just this past month I upgraded my iPhone 3GS to a 5S. Except that the battery is quite old runs down fast this 3GS continues to work quite well. Yes, I could have put in a new battery.

      My main reason for upgrading is many of my business apps upgrades demand iOS 7.x. Many of my business associates are using iPhone 4 and 4S. So, back to your comment "…it's designed with a shelf life of about two years…" is not true and correct.
      • Oops, that should read iPhone, not Iphone (NT)

  • If the design of the back holds true

    then it appears they've been watching htc because that sure does look like the back of the One M8 but far be it a tech blogger to point that out against apple. If this was Samsung you guys would get all cooozed up.
    • Tech bloggers love Apple

      If you're hoping for anything else, you're fooling yourself. Its like watching FAX News and hoping for a liberal slant to a story. I don't blame bloggers. Apple makes things pretty and simple. However, at one point I sort of thought bloggers might be techies. It turns out, they are more like soccer moms reporting on technology.
      A Gray
  • Great!!

    It's great to see that Apple is putting technology in it's phones that match phones from 2 years ago!!
  • To answer the question asked in the article.

    No, I won't be buying this phone. I moved to Windows Phone and it has been a better experience for me. Closer to that I got when I had a company issued BlackBerry. After discovering that my iTunes library would convert and move from my PC to the phone there is no reason to go back. I will be upgrading my phone today as it happens. A Nokia Icon will be replacing the Nokia 822 I have carried for the last three years. My 17 year old son will be retiring his iPhone and taking the 822 instead as he has come to like the differences and enjoys playing with Cortana.
    The Heretic
  • So nothing really new

    So Apple is following the trend of a bigger screen. These large screens make actually using the device as a phone very difficult.

    The processor and memory upgrades are expected. Hopefully the new glass won't crack as fast as the current screen. Every kid i know has a broken screen.

    They fiddled with the cables so you don't need to pay attention to how you plug them in, and might offer wireless charging.

    There is no really new features or any reason to want to get this device over any of the previous ones.
    • Bigger is Better

      the iPhone was too small and is still too small.

      if you want small get a flip-phone!
    • Many years ago smaller was the trend kmajors!

      However, that trend has been debunked repeatedly, that is if you want a smartphone. I would truthfully like Apple to make my iPad mini capable of making and receiving calls and not through an app using VOIP in some form. Over the last two decades, a device has been created, and technological advances have made it more functional as well, we call the technology Bluetooth. I would prefer to see a 6" iPhone Phablet or as I mentioned a tablet in all it's glory, as jimbrittn said, "If you want small get a flip-phone!"
  • hmm, 1gb ram ... seems a paltry amount for a "Gold Standard" device

    Oh yeah, gold isn't worth what it used to be either. Only difference being the iPhone was never worth its price.
  • Still 5 yrs behind!

    Still on microSD card?
    Still no replaceable battery?
    Still a lousy 8 MP camera?
    Only 1GB RAM?

    They are still behind the S3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!