Apple makes the only tablets and phones worth stealing

Apple makes the only tablets and phones worth stealing

Summary: There's lots of talk about who's on top of the mobile device pile. Whatever the sales over the past few quarters by the competition, if there were a thieves index, Apple iOS devices would be on top.


What's the best measure of who's on top of the consumer technology war? Browser stats? How about retail traffic in the holiday season? Or perhaps crime blotters?

The novel story line developed during the holiday season was a comparison of the crowds at Apple, Microsoft and Sony stores in a single mall. The Apple Store is packed, while the others look more like the early Saturday Night Live skit about the mall store that sells only Scotch tape. 

Walker: [lighting his pipe] Yeah, you know, when you're working with a brand new, fresh idea, it's always a little harder. You know, um, most people are used to buying their - their tape when they go to the supermarket or drug store, you know. What we've got to do is turn their thinking around so they make a special trip down here to the Scotch Boutique when they want, uh, tape.

Floyd Hunger: Uh, look, uh, you know, you've probably thought of this but have you ever considered adding, uh, other prod-- you know, products like, uh, paper clips, uh, stationery, you know, things like that?

Or what about Windows 8 and Surface machines?

Meanwhile, criminals know that the machines worth stealing this year — as in previous years — come from Cupertino. Michael Grynbaum reported in a recent New York Times crime story that Apple thefts skew the overall crime stats, according to New York officials.

“If you just took away the jump in Apple, we’d be down for the year,” said Marc La Vorgna, the mayor’s press secretary.

On the radio, Mr. Bloomberg said that Apple products appeared to be the preference for many thieves, noting that he was not including thefts of competing devices, like the Samsung Galaxy, in his count.

The article also said that the police were using decoys to try and catch the theft rings on the subway.

This isn't new. This Apple effect on the crime rate was noted a number of years ago when researchers noted that iPod thefts were raising crime on the streets and transit and even retail. In those days, Microsoft hoped that Zunes would be stolen. No such luck.

Mayor Bloomberg suggests that iPhone/iPod owners should put their device in an interior pocket instead of a coat pocket so that owners may feel it when a thief puts his or her hand in a pocket. He suggested that "more body-fitting, tighter clothes" may help this effort.

While some may go for Bloomberg's fashion advice, I suggest it's easier swapping the Apple white earbuds for better sound technology with noise isolation, such as the Etymotic Research ER•4 earphones ($299) or the hf3 headset earphones ($179). These products provide great sound that will preserve your hearing and even make it look as if you're using a Android phone.

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  • Do you get paid for this?

    Serious question. Whip up an article about how Apple devices are prone to theft, and what, boom, a $50 check shows up?
    • Your reaction is amusing

      Seriously this is funny as he11... It sounds like you are offended that no one would steal an Android or WP8 device... There's quite a few articles about people stealing Apple products ranging from crashing into a store to robbing from a pallet in an airport and none about any mass theft of an Android or WP8 device.

      Why so offended Jack?
    • ipads stolen from Microsoft
  • The worthiness of this article... demonstrated by the suggestion of substituting the standard Apple buds with a pair that costs upward of 180 USD. From painful experience I assure you that a simple 20 USD pair can do infinitely better than the standard one.
    • Point...

      missed. (no, automatic editor, this is not spam)
    • It's a worthless article simply because you don't like his recommendation?

      I agree that a $20 pair can often be better but get over yourself.
  • Soon there will be break to Apple bureaus...

    With nothing stolen, since Apple workers are not likely to have WinRT/8 devices ;P

    Oh, and somebody will rob Google of biggest pile of cakes ever...

    And more stealing will highlight, high esteem thief's give for each brand.........
    • who needs wp...

      ...When iPhone exists?
      Maria Davidenko
    • Dude, you need to adjust your meds

      Whatever you're taking is rendering you incoherent.
  • In Other Words, They're Only Worthwhile If You Don't Have To Pay For Them

    The honest customers seem to prefer Android.
    • that means that under ANY conditions people still want iPhone

      Nor WP, nor Android. Just iPhone.
      Maria Davidenko
    • In YOUR world perhaps but the reality

      is that people will do anything legal or illegal to get their hands on an Apple products - NO ONE is going to go to such illegal lengths to get their hands on an Android or WP8 device... why is that Ido17?
      • Re: people will do anything legal or illegal to get their hands on an Apple

        Their market share among dishonest people is much higher than their market share among honest people.

        Need I say more?
        • Yes you need!

          You connect two things, that should not be connected. Honest - mostly like he will not own an iPhone , otherwise - the person is not honest in most cases? Wrong conclusion , absolutely wrong.
          Maria Davidenko
          • Re: You connect two things, that should not be connected.

            I was not the one who claimed a connection, it was Mr Morgenstern who did that.

            All I did was point out the logical conclusion. If you accept the premise, you must accept what follows from it.
          • both you are wrong

            Do I need to say more?
            Maria Davidenko
        • I find it amusing

          You try to sidestep the point - NO ONE in their right mind would steal an Android or WP7/8 device... and you have yet to answer the question as to why that is. So yes you DO need to say more.
  • I was burgled

    The thieves broke in and swapped my Ipad for a surface.

    It's very distressing getting used to an much slower and poorly designed tablet.
    Alan Smithie
    • I'll trade you my iPad for your surface...

      ... in a heartbeat!
  • The real reason...

    Apple buyers are mostly strange folk that are willing to pay FAR TOO MUCH for an Apple product. Therefore, its better for thieves to steal them. Demand will be higher, the asking price can be higher, and they get a better return on their nefarious activities.

    Example: A Samsung Galaxy SIII 4G handset (the latest) will sell as-new, with box (making it less chance of being stolen) for only about A$550.00. An Apple iPhone 5, which is no better phone - and has almost exactly the same retail prive when purchased outright - sells for about A$720.00... which is only about A$50.00 of the price of a new one.

    I've seen auctions on eBay, sales on Gumtree, and items selling in pawn shops - all where a second-hand Apple product sells for almost what a new one costs. That's just silly. I personally sold my 2007 MacPro for enough money to out-right purchase a 2012 iMac (with better specs and benchmark scores + some accessories). Heck, I've seen 2010 MacBooks Pros sell on eBay for MORE than a new one would have cost the bidder. It's cuckoo, loco, and utter madness!

    I can't state it enough: Apple products retain their value to the point of being crazy! Why steal anything else? Just about NOTHING (other than, maybe drugs) will yield you a higher return for weight. Does that mean they're more popular... or that people buying them are simply more accustomed to handing over huge amounts of cash? I favour the latter.