Apple: Mountain Lion set for release

Apple: Mountain Lion set for release

Summary: The latest version of Mac OS X is coming out sooner than later.


The wait for Mountain Lion is almost over.

During the quarterly call with investors on Tuesday, Apple's chief financial officer Peter Oppenheimer mentioned that the next version of Mac operating system will be available to consumers tomorrow, July 25. 

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The ninth installment of Mac OS X and upgrade to Lion consists of more than 200 features including all new messages app, notification center, system-wide sharing, and Facebook integration.

"We built iCloud into the foundation of Mountain Lion making it easier than ever for customers to keep content up-to-date across all their devices," Oppenheimer added.

Apple originally introduced Mountain Lion during the keynote session at the Worldwide Developers Conference in San Francisco in June. However, executives didn't reveal a release date at the time. Developers have already had access to the OS for some time now.

But compared to Lion, which was released for $29.99, Apple has dropped the price even more to just $19.99. Mac owners will be able to download the software via the Mac App Store. iOS 6 will be available this fall.

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  • I'll laugh, I'll cry

    I'll kiss twenty bucks goodbye.
    Mac Hosehead
    • You can afford it

      You'll just go without your fat-inducing MickeyD's for a couple of days.
  • Sooner rather than later

    I wonder what the real impetus is behind the expediting of this release... it's not to take the steam out of Star Trek TNG season 1's blu-ray release, which - quite frankly - is a far superior endeavor and this is season 1 we're talking about...

    New features, and only 200 this time, but the usual whispered cry of "never buy a x.0 release because of bugs" can be heard from the chorus...

    (What, you were expecting a snide remark over TNG season 1? Not when put into contextual reference...)
    • Or, in this case, 10.x.0

      Oh, has the MacBook Pro 10.7.x battery drain problem been fixed yet? Or am I holding mine wrong? (Still use Snow Leopard on mine, and imagine how it would run on newer MacBooks, in terms of battery life...)
      • the battery drain problem...

        the battery drain problem is not a 10.7 problem but a 3rd party software issue... you should just fix your computer.
      • battery

        My Battery is from 2010 and I still get about 9 hours out of it. Running Lion. No problem.
    • I believe that you may be more satisfied

      if you purchase Star Trek TOS, as opposed to Star Trek, TNG.

      If I may offer an unbiased opinion, the characters in the original series are far more compelling then those that came later.

      Tim Cook
      • There was a certain cranky old Vulcan Ambassador that did appear in ST TNG

        Although he had a storied Star Fleet career, he chose to spend his retirement years on Romulus. Rumor has it that he really preferred the company and emotional characteristics of a certain Romulan Commander he first met on stardate 5027.3 over the historical reasons cited for his Federation disappearance but who among ZDNet readers could we look to for clarification of this issue? Who indeed!
        • Weren't those Vulcans instructed

          Didn't they have strict instructions to never interact with humans? So that particular individual may just keep silence.
          • You might be correct

            Your logic is sound. Grin!