Apple offers discount to replace third-party chargers

Apple offers discount to replace third-party chargers

Summary: From August 16, Apple will offer a $10 replacement of third-party chargers with genuine Apple models.


Following concerns raised last month that a third-party charger was responsible for the electrocution of a Chinese woman, Apple has responded by offering a two-month $10 replacement program.

From August 16 until October 18, Apple customers will be able to take their third-party adapters into an Apple store to have them disposed of.

At the same time, provided the customer brings their iDevice with them, they will be able to buy a replacement Apple charger for $10.

"Due to the complexity of testing required to detect an unsafe or counterfeit adapter, Apple Retail and Apple Authorized Service Providers cannot advise you on the authenticity or safety of your adapter," said the Apple web page announcing the program.

"We are offering this special take-back program for any USB power adapter made for use with iPhone, iPad, and iPod for which you have concerns."

Meanwhile, the Cupertino company's developer services sites are yet to return to full, complete operation a fortnight after the company suffered an intrusion in its developer portal.

Services have been slowly returning, and, at the time of writing, three service are still out for the count.

The member centre, Apple developer program enrolment and renewal service, and technical support have been offline since the incident took place in July.

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  • Funny Thing...

    These same 3rd party power adapters have been used on PCs for years, and are a staple of most PC (laptop) users...
    I'm not aware of ANY ELECTROCUTIONS in any of those cases...
    As usual, I'm thinking that Apple is looking in the wrong place, and has their head buried firmly up Steve Job's butt...
    Misdirection !
    • Re: Runny thing...

      If you believe that all USB chargers are made equal, you should read this:

      I've got a whole drawer of chargers, and the one from my old feature phone fails to charge an iPhone, while the one from my off-brand bluetooth causes the touchscreen to freak out (which is known to happen when voltage is outside of tolerance). My UL listed 3rd party and camera charger work fine.

      As for laptops, I've yet to hear of an electrocution, however I have had problems with 3rd parties. I connected my good charger to a docking station, and decided to carry a cheaper, smaller replacement in my bag. When the battery was low, performance was erratic. Turns out that the "compatible" replacement was 60W, the original was 90W, and the laptop's "scale performance to match available power" software was panicking. Picked up a 1st party 90W travel adapter and haven't had a problem since.
      James L.
      • Maybe you should purchase

        a less sensitive phone that uses a standard USB charger. The tolerance is not nearly as much of an issue.
        • iPhones charge using regular USB

          The phone isn't what's so sensitive, it's the human body. iPhones charge using USB, but these counterfeit chargers have the mains voltages very close inside to the electronics connecting to the charging port. It doesn't take much to short and we're talking about China where the outlets are at least 220 VAC, not 110 like in the US. Try putting 220 AC to the side of your head. It's not going to be fun.
          • regulat USB charcers

            Apple - never failing to make a $$ even on top of a persons grave.
            Apple must be losing money fast!!

            Most people know about the 220 and 110 difference in the USA... but Apple is depending on the panic to generate a few extra bucks from their sheep minions. They cant depend on them to be as stupid as possible.
          • Huh?

            You do know that the issue was due to a 3rd party charger right? IOW not an Apple charger. You DO know that, right? I just want to make sure you know that as your post seems to put the blame on Apple for a charger they did not make.
    • So based on your (dumb) logic

      ... people change "power adapters" on a PC
    • BTW, in case you are talking about LAPTOPS

      Here is some news about somebody who died of electrocution due to a 3rd party laptop CHARGER:
    • "Misdirection"?!

      Says the guy talking about PC adapters when the article is clearly about iOS devices.

      So, tell us again who has their head firmly buried up whom's butt?
      • Apple Is Blaming The Chargers...

        When those same chargers have probably been used by PC users for years, without the same apple results...
        NOW matthew_maurice... Take It Out Of The Rectum And Read What Was Written...
    • Re: Funny Thing...

      You do understand, that Apple are turning their competitors trap into free advertising campaign for them as well as making $10 a piece for their very own charger?

      Apple has no problem, either way. But many Apple customers will trust the company even more, as they will see Apple caring about them (health, life, quality etc). Happy customers: this is why Apple sells.
    • USB chargers for your laptop ??

      Not saying they don't exist but most pc laptops I've used charge in their own special ports and allow you to charge accessories from the USB ports at the same time. Do you think you could be any more biased against Apple?
    • Wait

      So - according to YOUR logic I can use the 3rd party iPhone charger I just bought off of eBay to power my Dell Inspiron laptop? Really?

      "These same 3rd party power adapters have been used on PCs for years"...

      I can't make this stuff up!

      What you are missing is that this was not Apple's fault that the girl went and bought a substandard 3rd party charger that killed her. What part of that is misdirection?
  • good

    It's good Apple is offering replacement eventhough 3rd party charger is not their responsibility
  • Apple Charger

    I know of companies finding fault with their product and replacing or repairing them for free: Toyota, Chevy Ford and on and on. What gives Apple the right to treat their customers with such little respect to charge us $10 per charger. "Our way or the highway". Why doesn't Apple take responsibility for their mistakes?? Where is the integrity that encourages people to buy an Apple product. Could they possibly tell us that there is something wrong with our MAC and for $150 they will replace the faulty item with a safe and working item. Shame on you Apple. Apple: Please respond to this this comment.
    • Huh?

      Did you read the article Jesssse? They are giving you the chance to trade in a product you didn't buy from them, to get a genuine product from them for a HUGE discount. And then you have the audacity to request that they respond to your idiotic comment. Learn what a 3rd party product is before you go around acting like a complete moron.
      • Cost

        You know that cost on the apple charger is about 2.50 when the cost of knockoffs is 1.50. $10 is not a deal.
        300 per hr
        • Deal?

          Who said it was a good deal? I said they are selling them at a huge discount (50% off).
        • And What Is Your Point?

          For $10, in my hand, and all I have to do is drive one mile to my Apple store IS a deal. I too fell victim to the cheap knockoff for occasional use - shame on me.

          KUDOS, Kudos to Apple for trying to keep their customers safe when it is NOT their fault. Does anyone seriously think that Samsung or Nokia would do such a thing?

          Also, I hear that the cost to produce a Toyota Camry is $12,866.83, not sure what the MSRP is . . .
          • Economics lesson two

            Apple is responding to save their reputation in the marketplace. They are not losing money, they get to sell you something AND make you feel good about them.
            What they are offering is more marketing, which is what they do best. A sense of duty is not something this company is known for!
            David Beachler