Apple releases iOS 7 for existing iPhone, iPad upgrades

Apple releases iOS 7 for existing iPhone, iPad upgrades

Summary: The Cupertino, Calif.-based technology giant dishes out its latest mobile operating system, which to even long-time using iPhone and iPad users will be a welcome fresh lick of paint.

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(Image: Apple; Screenshot: ZDNet)

You may have to wait a few more days — perhaps a little longer depending on store supplies — until you can get your hands on the latest Apple smartphones. But existing Apple device users can now download and upgrade to the latest major mobile software version.

Apple opened up its servers for users to download the new software just after 1 pm ET on Wednesday.

The latest software version is is compatible with iPhone 4 handsets and later, iPad 2 tablets and later, and iPod touch (5th generation) devices. (And don't forget to backup first.)

iOS 6 and earlier users can upgrade over-the-air (on compatible devices) by navigating to "Software Update" in the "General" section of the device's settings. Past experience suggests while these downloads will be slow as millions of users download the software at the same time. Also, because the size of some of the files are huge, downloading over a Wi-Fi connection is recommended. Due to its size, you may have to delete some content from your device.

Alternatively, Windows and Mac users can connect their compatible iPhones, iPads, and iPod touches to the latest version of iTunes 11.1 (which must be installed to use iOS 7), and upgrade by selecting the "Check for Upgrade" button in their device's summary window.  

Or, users can download the software bundle (.IPSW) files from Apple's website for offline installations in the coming hours. (Enterprise users can use Apple's Phobos server for download links.) 

iOS 7, the seventh major iteration of the mobile platform, includes more than 200 new features, including a brand new bright and colorful user interface. In a bid to appeal to the enterprise and prosumer crowd, the software also comes with a number of business-ready features.

Many of the reviews were glowing in favor of iOS 7 — in some cases more so than the two new smartphones, the premium iPhone 5s and the lower-cost iPhone 5c. 

From sister site CNET, editors Jessica Dolcourt and Jason Parker dubbed the redesign in line with Apple's "sharp, clean, almost cutting aesthetic." Pixel Envy's Nick Heer called the software a "truly sublime experience," but also looked at the whole picture. "Updating to iOS 7 really does feel like getting a brand new phone," he said. Meanwhile, USA Today's Edward Baig floated the idea of holding off upgrading devices because the software alone "dresses up" existing devices. 

And in ZDNet's review, we compared the long-standing features with new functionality and design, calling iOS 7 "an old soul with style and substance."

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Topics: Apple, iOS, iPhone, iPad, Mobility

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  • iOS7

    Best Mobile OS out there!
    • Wish it was :(

      Wish it was :(
      Rose Ann H
    • Ouch

      Beta ran pretty good on my iPad4.
      This released version has numerous issues... Ouch!
      Rest of the household iDevices are gonna wait.
      • My installation of iOS7 first impressions.

        My iPhone 5 seems like a new smartphone after installing the iOS7 upgrade today. It looks and functions quite nicely on my iPhone 5. I'm impressed. So far, I have encountered no issues with my installed apps or iPhone 5 functions.

        In the next hour, I will complete my iPad 3 upgrade to iOS 7. Hope I don't encounter your problems. (And that could happen because the iPad is a different hardware platform - so I won't rule that possibility out.)

        However, I don't anticipate and issues with my iPad installs. (Curious to see how iOS7 performs on my iPad 2)

        Sincerely hope your issues get resolved soon.
        • So far....

          Step One: for the 16gb model (mine) make sure you have at least 3gb free.....
          1. After restart the Gmail account started pulling in all emails (killed it around 7k)
          2. On some apps, text is miscentered in boxes
          3. Finding some apps the typing lags
          4. Infrequent screen shut off if rapid portrait to landscape move is done
          5. Large HD photos when used for wallpaper are centered instead of stretched and you can only zoom in
          6. Store icon says 9 app updates but when you go in says no updates found
          7. Safari is laggy

          More to come I'm sure.
          So far more annoying than disastrous.....
    • Might be best but it is the ugliest

      no comment, I want my IOS 6 back.
  • What about iTouch?

    Having issues upgrading to ios7 on it.
    • Oh really?

      What is it? I'm going to hold off if so.
      • I did the upgrade

        Backed up everything in iTunes, transferred my purchases, and then did the upgrade. I am now running iOS7!

        The flat is taking some getting used to. The dynamic wallpapers make it easier to live with.

        No application issues. No performance issues. No bricking.

        A pleasant surprise - iTunes movies stream. You can now watch movies on iPhone without downloading them all. I am watching Spider-man right now.

    Apps which use push techniques are not working and crashing the phone. Rendering it useless for hours. Terrible. Apple is working on it they say on their web site. Terrible. Donot upgrade, just wait.
    Rose Ann H
  • Sublime esthetics

    Cutting edge, sublime esthetics? Dresses up?
  • Sorry Stig....

    Seems your cherished Apple ship may be taking on water. Can they bail it out and return to former glory with one product?

    I think they are already starting to wave the SOS flag by releasing cheap phones. That has been known to ruin brands that are successful based on a loyal following behind a high profit margin, high end product line. Once you bring out a cheap line, there is no turning back. Apple has maintained it's image well since the beginning until now. Seems like they are saying (in regards to Android) if we can't beat 'em, let's join 'em.
    • Sigh... people must have been dropped on their heads as infants...

      Go to Apple's website -- there is NO cheaper iPhone. It's the same pricing structure as last year.
      The iPhone 5C is the same price that the 4S was last year -- and what the iPhone 5 would have been.

      Maybe you should have done 5 seconds of research before making yourself look like a moron.
      Brock Leham
      • Brock, that is totally off.

        Apple did not simply put last year's model on fire sale. They created a new model, using plastic to cheapen the experience and cost and are selling it for far less in some countries than the typical pricing structure.
        And Apple did say they wanted to break into new markets, most notably poorer countries, which woudl leave one to believe what? They are going to run huge TV campaigns in poor countries to push the new and just as cool and not plastic and cheap iphone 5c?
        • LOL

          You forgot the fact that the first 3 iPhones were plastic, and they were hailed for their designs.

          And Apple's 3-phone-tier pricing structure hasn't changed since 2009.

          So basically everything you've written in your comments is void.

          Oh you apple haters :-)
          Brock Leham
  • Check with your Corporate Email Folks, if Applicable

    The Exchange/MobileIron infrastructure for the company I work at does not currently support iOS 7. We were told to hold off or lose access to corporate email. This may be because we don't have the latest MobileIron. In our case, relief will come in mid-October.
    • Exchange - Microsoft Exchange?

      Yeah, Microsoft will be working overtime to get iOS7-updated versions of Exchange out.

      Office, too, no doubt.
      • Running Exchange on iOS 7?

        That will certainly require the power of that new 64-bit A7 chip... For most users, I guess an iOS 7 compatible email client will be sufficient...
  • all good for me

    Downloaded without any problems, but had to try half a dozen times before the install worked. Once that was done, it's working like a dream.

    Can't wait for all the apps to start updating their look and feel to match iOS 7!
    Christo the Daddyo
  • Worse IOS yet...

    John Ive will have to resign after this, IOS7 is a train wreck. Seriously what were they thinking when they made the new lock screen, or the pin lock screen with the background coming through the buttons? And I cant fathom why they didn't throw in a swipe gesture for reaching the App switching screen...

    I would also like to know what the hundreds of new functions are, that they told me in the update notes had been incorporated in IOS7?

    Encountered problems with installing apps from the Appstore, said the Appstore said that the app was installed, but it would not open, and the app had a blue circle next to the icon.