Apple remains quiet on iPhone 5s, 5c pre-order figures

Apple remains quiet on iPhone 5s, 5c pre-order figures

Summary: The Cupertino, Calif.-based technology giant has yet to dish out pre-order or sales figures for the latest iPhone 5s and 5c smartphones.

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Apple on Tuesday issued a reminder that iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c sales begin on Friday. 

In a statement, Apple said its two new smartphones will hit store shelves on Friday at 8 am ET, or 3 am ET online, in a number of countries, not limited to the U.S., Australia, Canada, China, Singapore, and the U.K.

In other words: unless you've been living under a rock for the past week, it's nothing we didn't already know.

While Apple normally releases its pre-order sales before, this time around the company hasn't given anything away in terms of pre-order or sales figures in advance. 

Though initial analyst estimates seem positive, there's still no official word from the Cupertino, Calif.-based technology giant. Citi's Glen Yeung pegs iPhone 5c pre-orders as high as 2.2 million since the device on sale last week.

This is the first time since 2009 where pre-order figures have not been dished out to the media. It's typical of Apple to give some level of indication after the first weekend of pre-orders how well the device is doing.

However, the iPhone maker is releasing two new devices designed for different ends of the market. Because only cheaper and economical iPhone 5c has gone up for pre-order, it would be unfair to compare to previous pre-order figures based on this smartphone fragmentation.

At the last iPhone 5 launch, Apple said it received two million pre-orders within the first 24 hours. In line with previous years, delivery times were pushed back from days to weeks.

The iPhone 5s lands with the same design as its predecessor, which is no longer available for sale, and comes with a 64-bit A7 chip, a fingerprint sensor, and in gold, silver, or space grey. The iPhone 5c comes with almost all of the same features as the iPhone 5, but in a range of plastic colored backings, along with an A6 chip and global LTE wireless networking support. 

Both devices land with iOS 7, the latest mobile operating system, featuring a redesigned user interface and a bevy of new features designed with enterprise users in mind.

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  • Why is this 'tech news'?

    y'know, just because its about Apple doesn't mean that everything written has to be in a tech publication.
    I try to find interesting tech articles daily and most I find this financial junk.
    And anyway, Apple stopped being a tech company long ago; Foxconn is the tech company that Apple uses to create its update campaigns; which rivals Adobe's.
    • It is not tech news

      This is free advertising for Apple. The pre-sales are not going well, ZDnet is pitching in to help Apple.
    • It's all about sales numbers!!

      It's tech news because a lot of companies are banking on Apple's continued success with their iOS devices, and the iPhone 5S is the newest iOS 7 device with 64-bit architecture and the M7 coprocessor. Companies want to know how to move forward with their products that are designed to use iOS app and/or device control.

      Think of it this way...had Microsoft not lied about their Surface sales, the [general public] would only be ignoring the Surface instead of comparing it to other failed tablets.

      It's all about sales in the age of tech, if there aren't any good numbers to report the [general] public will see it as a failed launch thus causing backlash against the hardware and the new OS.
      Al Roberg
  • Terrible headline

    Your headline is awful. You do realize the 5s isn't available for pre-order yet? Hmm, I wonder why Apple hasn't commented on 5s pre-sale numbers yet? Here, I'll comment for them. Their pre-order numbers are on the 5s are zero phones. Great reporting!
  • Apple issued a reminder that iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c sales begin

    We're down to our last 150 Billion in cash (a sum amassed largly from overpriced iPhone sales) so make sure you donate to our fund err buy more iPhones...
  • Hey Genius! iPhone 5s Pre-Ordering hasn't started yet! #FactCheck

    The big reason you can't find any information is because the iPhone 5s hasn't even gone on sale yet. A simple check of reveals, the iPhone 5s preorder availability begins on September 20th, 2013. Erroneous Reporting = #highschooljournalism :(
  • The 5C probably won't garner tons of pre-order excitement

    It is basically a 5 in polycarbonate. I expect people want to see one before they order one.... is it going to feel cheap, or look good?

    I know I was surprised when I saw the Samsung Galaxy S3... it did not give off the aura of an 'inexpensive phone', which is how it had been mocked. But you don't know these things until you see them.
  • Outrageously expensive

    No thanks, much better value for money elsewhere.
    Alan Smithie
  • I would like to report

    That I have nothing to report. Thanks for visiting, please come back again.
  • 5c is clearly the Touch replacement.

    700 million installed daily base for iOS is the stuff of dreams. a bad day for apple is also the stuff of dreams for motorola or samsung, both of which owe an enormous amount of their revenue to the future success of iOS.

    i know of three close friends who are dumping android and plan on buying their first iphones. not because of hype but ease of updates and ease of accessory purchases. the 5c replaces the aging iPod touch, where many have music and app investment they will not want to walk away from.

    i own and love my iphone 4 but will upgrade to the 5s, not for the finger-print technology, but for the camera. again, users aren't counting how many megapixels but the quality of those pixels and already installed apps that use that camera. i am positive there are amazing cameras on new androids but not enough gee-whiz for me to dump what i already use daily and trust. and this is said before tomorrow's launch of iOS 7.

    all bets are off if iOS7 proves to be not so good, but apple has a positive record on OS updates.
  • Wait until Monday, then talk about sales numbers

    It's about riding the launch hype and using the 5S "Halo-Effect" to sell 5C devices:
  • Meanwhile iPhone 5S buyers go frothy in China

    And actual "sales" haven't even begun:
  • Guaranteed queues/lines

    Interesting strategy from Apple, by not having 5S on pre-order they have pretty much guaranteed the media photo opportunities of queues/lines. Good marketing idea.
  • No Pre-orders for 5S

    A lot of people are talking about pre-orders for the 5S. Remember, there isn't a pre-order option on the 5S, just the 5C. You can not order/buy a 5S until launch day. Why? I'm not sure. Perhaps to reward the fanatics who will camp out the day before and be the first ones to have the honor of handing over their money to Apple?
  • I love my phone?

    In this and other forums people go on about how much they love their iPhone or their Android, or whatever.

    It is great if somebody loves his/her partner or parents, or somebody else, but a PHONE or other such gadgets? What sad characters...
  • I don't love my phone..

    I quite like it.. it works for me.. it's a Lumia.. and it's Red!
    • I don't love my phone..

      Ursulus, it's red, like mine, a Lumia 520. Low cost and high performance.
  • Zack, you are apologizing for Apple...

    "it would be unfair to compare to previous pre-order figures based on this smartphone fragmentation."

    Why? Apple released a single phone last time, the iPhone 5, and they bragged about their pre-orders. Now, they are allowing pre-orders on a single phone, the 5c and yet they say nothing, which tends to appear that -pre-orders for the 5c aren't as good as the previous release.

    Instead of taking the Apple apologist angle, why not take a more neutral stance and ask why Apple is bragging (which is their bread and butter) about 5c pre-orders?