Apple 'spaceship' campus clears council hurdle

Apple 'spaceship' campus clears council hurdle

Summary: The local council of the California city that Apple calls home voted unanimously to approve the project.

Rendering courtesy Foster + Partners

Members of the Cupertino City Council voted unanimously Tuesday night in favor of Apple's proposed new campus, a 2.8-million-square-foot ring that some have likened to a spaceship. The decision caps a seven-year campaign by the technology company to completely overhaul its area facilities.

The campus, which will be located near Interstate 280, was one of Steve Jobs' last projects for the company he co-founded. The late chief executive appeared before the council in 2011 to make his case.

"We've seen these office parks with lots of buildings, and they get pretty boring pretty fast," Jobs said at the time. "So we'd like to do something better than that."

Revealing the design by architecture girm Foster + Partners, Jobs added, "It's a bit like a spaceship landed."

The main feature of the company's new campus will be the ring-shaped headquarters, four stories in height and large enough to accommodate 14,000 people. (Apple employs 80,000 worldwide.)

The plan has been equally lauded and criticized. The ring-shaped building's design is unprecedented in scope—"There's not a straight piece of glass in this building," Jobs said in 2011—but its size is enormous, akin to that of the Pentagon, the iconic structure in Virginia that houses the U.S. Department of Defense. Cupertino is a city of just 58,000 people.

"The project will certainly cause traffic issues," one councilmember told the San Jose Mercury News, "but I'm happy to hear Apple's going to work with us on solving these problems."

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  • Echo chamber

    • Hello?

      Is there anybody in there?

      Just nod if you can hear me.

      Is there anyone home?
  • The more money spend on this

    The less we will be anoyed with sub-par i-products. Go Apple!
  • "...likened to a spaceship."

    Maybe it'll launch for PlanetX, with the employees, and we ALL will live happily ever after.
    • PlanetX?

      I think you mean iPlanet
  • The Design and The more money...

    I wonder if they plan on putting the parking missing in the picture within the circle of the craft? -- a ramp up then into would add $, and be enticing as H*** too, outside being a perfect for the motif!

    Good work, Apple!
    • Parking ...

      ... is in the full plans -- a combination of underground parking, and some above-ground parking elsewhere on the property. The spaceship is only part of the comprehensive plan, which includes numerous other buildings including a power generation building and more. Despite the buildings and their size, the plan will greatly increase the number of plants and trees on the property, as well as walking paths -- both inside security fences for employees, and outside them for Cupertino residents.
  • Reminds me of a fort

    I wonder if there will be gun emplacements within the outer walls?
    • Very poor fort design

      Serious lack of overlapping fire close in to the building.
  • I'm going to go *way* out on a limb here...

    ...and even with Apple love, predict that even for Apple this project is simply too huge in scope to ever see completion unless they can continue to rake in the absolutely spectacular profits they are now. If things go dim at any point in the next few years, something this extravagant is most certainly going to be put on hold indefinitely or constrained in ultimate scope.
  • Oh get over your selves:

    Apple has the money let them do what they want. The building will look and work great. Besides think of all the work and money generated by the construction of this building for the people constructing the building and the additional people that will be working in the building after the construction is done.
  • At least some...

    ...of their billions will be coming back "home" and hopefully, provide some boost to local employment. Unless they're going to outsource this to Hon Hai/FoxConn too.