Apple Store loses €1m of kit in Paris raid

Apple Store loses €1m of kit in Paris raid

Summary: Thieves broke into an Apple Store in Paris on New Year's Eve and made off with up to €1m worth of goods.

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Raiders made off with Apple products estimated to be worth up to €1m in a New Year's Eve heist in central Paris, according to reports.

Apple Store in Paris
The Paris Opera Apple Store lost €1m of kit in a raid. Image: Apple

A gang of four armed men forced their way into the Apple Store in central Paris at around 21:00 local time (19:00 GMT) on Monday, a few hours after the shop had closed for the day, the BBC reported on Wednesday.

"They were well prepared," a spokesman for the French police union UNSA told reporters, according to the BBC. "As the majority of police were busy watching [Paris' main shopping street] the Champs Élysées, the robbers took advantage of this opportunity."

The figure put on the lost goods of around €1m was not confirmed by the police. Apple had not responded to a request for confirmation or comment at the time of writing.

The store, one of three in greater Paris, is located behind the Paris Opera House and stocks a range of Apple's iPad, iPhone and Mac devices.

In August 2011, Apple's UK flagship Covent Garden store in London was robbed in a smash-and-grab raid that involved around seven moped riders or motorcyclists.

Topics: Apple, iPhone, iPad, EU

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  • Bad neighborhood

    Apple retail should scout first, eh? Not behind that decrepit old opera house...l