Apple stores get iPad 'Smart Signs': pics

Apple stores get iPad 'Smart Signs': pics

Summary: Apple is fluffing the pillows of its 325 retail stores worldwide, abolishing paper notices next to its products in favour of iPad 2-based "Smart Signs".


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  • (Credit: Luke Hopewell/ZDNet Australia)

    We went to the Apple Store in the Sydney CBD to see what all the fuss was about.

  • (Credit: Luke Hopewell/ZDNet Australia)

    Inside, you'll find that Apple has kept its table arrangements almost exactly the same, only now there's a glass slab flagging the product category and a shiny iPad 2 next to each live product, running the Smart Sign app.

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  • Classic apple using a few $$ worth of technology where a paper sign was just fine.
  • step 1 - sees ipad price sign
    step 2 - logs on and marks down price
    step 3 - Profit!

    So do they use ipad signs to sell ipads, and how do you tell the sign from the product? EMWTK.