Apple's $100m made-in-the-USA Mac facility will be in Texas

Apple's $100m made-in-the-USA Mac facility will be in Texas

Summary: Apple CEO Tim Cook has confirmed it will assemble a line of Macs in Texas, but whether that's the Mac Pro or Mac Mini remains unknown.

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Apple CEO Tim Cook revealed this week that Texas will be the site of a new Mac production facility.

Last year Cook said that Apple was working to "bring some production to the US on the Mac" and would contribute $100m to a plan that would see an Apple product made in the US for the first time since the 1990s.

At the time, Cook didn't provide details about what line of Macs would be manufactured in the US and where in the country they would be made. Some have speculated it would be the Mac Pro, while Taiwanese media has reported it would be the Mac Mini. 

Cook on Tuesday settled the question of where, telling the Senate Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations that the assembly facility would be located in Texas.

"We're investing $100m to build a Mac product line here in the US," Cook said, according to All Things Digital. "The product will be assembled in Texas, include components made in Illinois and Florida, and rely on equipment produced in Kentucky and Michigan."

Cook has been clear that it would be working with a partner to bring Mac production to the US, and a likely candidate pegged for that role is Taiwanese manufacturer Foxconn.

Soon after Cook revealed Apple's 'Made in the USA' plan for a Mac, a Foxconn executive revealed it was "looking at doing more manufacturing in the US because, in general, customers want more to be done there". Foxconn supplies Apple, HP and others, while Google also reportedly used a Foxconn facility in California to assemble its Explorer Edition Glass networked spectacles.

As All Things Digital notes, Cook's naming of Texas and the fact Foxconn has a facility in the state already is not proof that the company will get Apple's business, but the crossover does give credence to the theory that Foxconn will be Apple's US manufacturing partner.

Topics: Hardware, Apple

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  • Pro...

    It'll the Pro, no doubt. Otherwise they'd have to change the state's unofficial motto to "Everything's bigger in Texas, but the Macs."
    • might be

      They will make Mac mini Pro. Still a Mac mini, but Texas style, bigger.
  • I've never owned an apple product...

    But if they make a mac in the united states with American labor I will buy one.
  • Mac Pro, not MacBook Pro...

    ...nobody has suggested the MacBook Pro would be built here.
  • I see it as an indictment against California

    Think about it... A California company starting a plant in Texas. Call it tax evasion if you want; I call it income preservation.
    • Why manufacture where it cost the most???

      California taxes the hell out of everything and artificially inflates the prices of everything.

      I don't see a single reason why any company should expand or create any business in California.
  • Migrant workers will put Chinese-made Macs into American-made boxes....

    All kidding aside, modern computers are a globally sourced product with sub-assemblies like hard drives still mainly sourced from Asian suppliers and chips made just about everywhere in the world. Logic board might be economically made in the US by existing sub-contractor facilities, but many of the uniquely-Mac CNC machined aluminum chassis parts will still likely come from China/Taiwan to be economical due to the economies of scale.
  • Texas Macs

    Mac clones used to be made in Texas, licensed by Apple, until Apple pulled the plug.
    • Before the "Return of The Steve"

      and they were both less expensive and faster than the real thing.
  • More PR from a company who paid zero taxes on $40 billion.

    Made in the US my A**.
    • Would you feel the same way if Microsoft and Google did this with their

      in-house devices? Because Microsoft and Google are both just as guilty of this business practice.
      • Maybe check your facts first....

        Apple is almost strictly a gadget/hardware company. they don't actually sell an OS [except for upgrades], no Office package, no server software like SQL Server or Exchange, ... They do have Xbox, mice, keyboards and webcams.
        Google is almost the complete opposite of Apple. Mostly software [well cloud based].
    • Single largest taxpayer in the country

      They haven't done anything illegal. Your beef is with the morons who write the tax code. Or, really, the ones who sell the tax code.
      • Errr.....

        Yes you are right. But Apple found looppholes. Definitely "un-American activity". :-)
        • Not

          Your "loopholes" are called "deductions" or "tax credits" by tax professionals and by the Members of Congress who sign them into law. I repeat, Apple did nothing illegal or un-American. It's the most American activity in the world to legally reduce your tax exposure.

          Your beef is with the people selling preferred treatment via the tax code. Although, Apple hasn't received preferred treatment here. They're not doing anything that any other similar company doesn't do.
  • Ah yes, Texas...

    ...where labor laws are the closest in the US to China...
  • Avoiding taxes in Texas?

    Probably paid for with loans from an Irish subsidiary so that a lot of its profits escape US taxes for the "special Irish" tax...
  • Oh

    So now Apple can tell congress that they build computers in the US. Problem is that most of the components will still be made in China, Thailand, Singapore, etc.
    So maybe they will stamp the following on the box: "Designed in California, Assembled in Texas, Parts made in Asia, OS made by people who write insecure code."
    • How do you like those Dell or HP or Gateway computers???

      Guess what fanbody, they are all made with cheap Chinese made components.
  • ...

    Who cares? No one who actually wants to do anything besides edit weird documents, play music or look at pictures on Facebook wants a Mac anyway.