Apple's enterprise mojo: Education shines

Apple's enterprise mojo: Education shines

Summary: There was a few minutes where Apple CFO Peter Oppenheimer was talking enterprise wins as if he ran Research in Motion in its heyday.

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Apple's fiscal third quarter results will be dissected in a big way after the company disappointed Wall Street. However, Apple noted a bevy of key vertical industry developments with a strong quarter for education.

In fact, there was a few minutes where Apple CFO Peter Oppenheimer was talking enterprise wins as if he ran Research in Motion in its heyday.

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Among the key items on the enterprise front from Apple:

  • Oppenheimer said that Apple closed its best education quarter ever. He said:

A notable large education transaction closed during the June quarter in Rutherford County, North Carolina, which has purchased 6,000 MacBooks. To support its 21st century digital learning environment in Pueblo, Colorado, K-12 staff in the 22 school districts will convert to MacBook Airs.

  • iTunes U has delivered more than 14 million downloads since January and 750 new courses have been published.
  • Sales of the $399 iPad 2 are "particularly strong" in education.
  • A school district in Texas bought 11,000 iPads and is using them for lessons.
  • The number of iPhones in the enterprise has roughly doubled.
  • The number of iPads in the enterprise has tripled as companies use them to show floor plans and help sales efforts.
  • Companies like PepsiCo are deploying iPhones with in-house apps. These custom apps are presumably delivered via Apple's B2B app store, which aims to enable volume purchase and allow for custom apps to be delivered. Oppenheimer said:

PepsiCo has deployed thousands of iPhones with an in-house app built specifically for their field merchandisers. This app has eliminated paper reports and provides real-time information to managers, sales teams and delivery drivers.

  • He added that a German insurer is also using the iPhone and a custom app to process claims.

Topics: Apple, iPhone, iPad, Mobility

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  • Million iPads for education is good thing

    Remember that when Textbooks application appeared many doubted if there will be real change in schools because of the price of iPads and hence the lack of devices there?

    Of course, the goal to cover all schools is far yet, but the movement is here.
    • yep, wasting other peoples' money is very much in vogue

      I agree -- the movement to throw any sort responsible, justified spending out the window and blow money left and right (while complaining about "budget crunches" and "deficits") seems to be here to stay
  • Way to waste money, NC!

    MacBook Air = $1000... $300 more expensive than better alternatives and yet the MacBook Air gets WORSE RATINGS by Consumer Reports.

    So, congratulations on spending 50% MORE for a WORSE device.

    Schools are determined to make Apple wealthy at the cost of taxpayers, and then lay off teachers, raise class sizes, and cut funding to field trips, arts, athletics, etc. to pay for their overpriced spending sprees.

    The madness never stops. See my video "Just Say NO to iPad for Education, Part 5: Apple Products Break Budgets"