Apple's iWork free on all new iOS devices

Apple's iWork free on all new iOS devices

Summary: At today's keynote, Apple said that the $5 - $10 per app fee for the iWork app suite will be scrapped.

TOPICS: Apple, Apps, iOS, iPhone, Mobility

The tech world tuned in to today's round of Apple announcements, which mainly focused on the introduction of the iPhone 5c and iPhone 5s.

However, In today's keynote, the iPad and iPhone maker also mentioned an interesting nugget which is more likely to benefit its consumer base as a whole -- the scrapping of download fees for the iWork application suite.

Apple CEO Tim Cook said:

"We think that iWork is a really key advantage for our customers' productivity, and iPhoto and iMovie are great for their creativity. Almost all of our customers want these apps."

The iWork suite includes Pages and Numbers -- the iOS equivalent of Microsoft's Word and Excel -- iMovie, Keynote and iPhoto. This set of applications covers most of the basic functions today's users often need on a computer. While the average $5 - $10 price tag per application is cheap in comparison to Microsoft's Office suite, for example, the Cupertino, Calif-. firm are willing to scrap the cost.

Removing the application donwload fees may also tempt more consumers away from rival services such as Google Drive, and could be a way for the company to upsell more space within the cloud storage service, iCloud, in the future.

Apple announced a split within the iPhone 5 line today, revealing two new products -- the iPhone 5c and iPhone 5s. The iPhone 5c is a lower cost device -- although still expensive in relation to rival models currently on the market -- and is expected to be targeted towards developing economies. With a contract, the 16GB variant is priced $99, whereas the 32GB model comes in at $199. However, off-contract, consumers will pay over $500. 

In comparison, the iPhone 5s comes in champagne-gold, silver, and black colored versions with storage options of 16GB, 32GB and 64G -- costing $199, $299 and $399 respectively on two-year contracts. The iPhone 5s is a 64-bit mobile phone, equipped with fingerprint recognition technology and an improved camera and battery life.

Topics: Apple, Apps, iOS, iPhone, Mobility

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  • king

    my Aunty Taylor recently got Honda Ridgeline Crew Cab just by working online with a macbook... you can try these out.........
  • king

    my Aunty Taylor recently got Honda Ridgeline Crew Cab just by working online with a macbook... you can try these out.........
  • Just like Windows Phone / Windows RT

    Seems Apple see the value in following Microsoft, making their productivity software free on phones and tablets.
    Darrell Webster
    • The article does not mention Windows Phone

      iPhone's main competitor is Samsung and Android... and NOT any Windows Phone ecosystem model; Microsoft is an interesting, but still relatively minor player in the mobile device market.
      • You're right, it doesn't mention Windows Phone

        but he was making a good comparison and a valid statement, and Android doesn't matter in this case.

        MS included Office with RT/Phone, and now Apple follows suit and adds iWorks to all devices.

        They are facts. What people want to take from that is up to them.
        William Farrel
      • Wow, thanks for the info on...

        Who Microsoft is and what the article is about.
    • More likely just a way to chip away at the value of MS office

      If the hundreds of millions on iOS users now have free apps that works just fine on their tablets and phones, what will become of the market for MS Office?

      Combine that with all the Android phones and tablets, and suddenly MS has a much smaller market for selling a non web based version of Office.
      • I doubt anything will come from it.

        Not many people went after it before.
        William Farrel
  • Free of All or just Free with *New* iOS devices

    Elsewhere it was stated Free with *new* iOS devices. Not sure if that means its preloaded or if there is a way they can discern an old device from a new device... perhaps maybe just if its already been registered in the App Store database.
  • About time Apple made Docs, Spreadsheets and Presentation Apps available

    Paying MS, $100/year for Word, Excel, and Powerpoint is a waste of money.
    • iWork has been around

      iWork has been around for a while now (years, actually). It's not as feature rich as MS Office, but I think more attractive and easier to use, anyways.
      • I may agree with you.

        Really loving the iCloud sync between the iOS and OSX.
  • Sell Your APPLE Stock !!!

    I have been waiting 3 years for Apple to come out with a larger iPhone.

    I have never been an Apple fanboy. But I thought the iPhone was superior for lots of reasons.

    I simply can't believe Apple did not make their phone bigger this year. How stupid can they be? They should have offered their phone in two sizes if they wanted to keep the size they have now.

    A bigger iPhone was number one on the wish list of iPhone users.

    If I was a trader, I would sell Apple stock short. I think the Apple 5s will have very disappointing sales. It is hard for me to believe, any company can be so stupid.

    Apple needs to get rid of Tim Cook. This is the worst mistake Apple has ever made aside from firing Steve Jobs.

    Apple made a ton of money on the iPhone, but did not use it to improve their product.

    They refuse to listen to Apple consumers clamoring for a bigger phone and possibly a removable memory card.

    Apple just lost me. It is unlikely I will ever come back to Apple.

    Apple will become the Motorola flip-phone, the old Blackberry phone, Kodak, or Blockbuster Video.

    You snooze, you lose.

    You rest on your laurels, you lose.

    You take your customers for granted, you lose.
    Frank Shore
    • It's just the 5S...

      It's the usual pattern, every other iPhone is an 'S' that just has some mostly non-cosmetic changes. It shouldn't have been much of a surprise that it wasn't drastically different. That said, I have the 4 and it's just the right size, IMHO. If anything, I want a smaller phone, not bigger, but that's just my opinion.
  • Not fair on existing customers.

    Apple making iWork suite allong with imovie and iPhoto is good but not fair on the exisitng customers of idevices. People who bought even the iPhone 5 and activated before September 1 are left high and dry. They are only blowing off their customers who have already purchased an apple product and are not going to be upgrading every year. Alienating your customers is definately not the way to go, but this is apple it works for them.
    Hopefully they will make it available for all compatible ios 7 devices.
    It will be interesting to see what they will do with Mavericks release will they make it free for all compatible macs as the rumors that have been floating around and or make iWork suite free for people purchasing Mavericks. Will be interesting to watch.
  • Slap in the face more than a good deal

    Basically it means ANY devices whether iPhone 4, 4S, 5, 5C 5S or whatever that supports IOS 7 and has never been activated before (basically new purchases) 1st September. Personally I think it's not such a good deal as more as a slap in the face to Apple customers. So if you bought your iPhone last month or six months.... f**k you. Thank for not waiting to purchase an iPhone and getting one during our normally quiet period.... but f**k you anyway.
  • pages, note and numbers are free now!

    I just went to the App Store and downloaded them for free! They show 9.99 advertised until you click on them and where it normally says 9.99 it says free. So I do not have a new apple product as ios7 is released tomorrow.
    Michael Hightower
  • Apple Falls, Rots

    Apple has refused to plow its windfall profits from the iPhone to make it better, and deliver more value. Instead Apple has chose to buy back their stock. Shareholders would have been better served if Apple used their cash to make the iPhone a better product. There are so many things Apple could easily have improved. And iOS7 is a clownish design was design for bubblegum-chewing, unicorn-loving little girls, not a classy, elegant design for executives.

    Actually iOS7 looks like it was designed by a male hairdresser using MS Paint for flaming queens, and Prince. Can't look at iOS 7 and not think of Raspberry Beret or the psychedelic 60's.

    Look at the new camera icon and the old camera icon.

    There are B&W icons, lots of icons with white backgrounds, then lots of icons with green backgrounds.

    Apple chose a font with thin, hard to read characters on a phone that is already smallest in the smart phone universe.

    The new flat design looks like Apple is following Android and Windows 8 tiles. The real world is 3-D. The engineers who designed the new interface think in abstract symbols not 3-D images.

    Steve Job's skeuomorphism was classy, not cheesy or cheap. There is reason expensive watches are analog, not digital.

    Finally, Apple should have come out with two different size phone for people who have different size hands. A adult male has much larger hands than a female tween. One size does not fit all. iPhone owners are leaving Apple in droves permanently because they want a bigger phone, even though there are many Apple customers perfectly happy with the phone size the way it is.

    Samsung makes many different size phones. Moreover, the IPhone has fallen behind in many important areas. The Sony phone is more water resistant. The Lumina has a much better camera. The Motorola Droid Maxx has much better battery life even though it has a much bigger screen, and it is more durable.

    There are still areas where the iPhone is ahead of its competition, but those areas are shrinking as Apple has been too slow in improving the iPhone.

    The iPhone should have NFC (Near field Communication), a consumer replaceable battery, and consumer upgradeable memory.

    Some one wrote me consumers can replace the battery on their own, if they take a special course in cell phone repair, and buy special tools. This is the kind of insane nitpicking people have with my messages.

    I am an iPhone owner, and have always appreciated Apple's products. But it looks to me like Apple is lost. They should not have fired Scott Forestall. Apple is being run by a supply chain guy, not a visionary who understands what consumers want, and it shows.

    Don't be fooled by the fact the Apple 5s sold so many units and sold out so fast. Apple is still coasting. Apple still has a lot of momentum from the iPhone 4. But eventually the Apple will fall back down to Earth like Blackberry, AOL, Nokia, and Motorola.

    Gizmodo showed the 5 takes better pictures than the 5s even though the 5s has better specs. Gizmodo proved this by taking identical photographs with both the 5 and 5s. Square Trade showed the 5s is more likely to stop working after a fall. And Consumer Reports showed the iPhone in general has poorer phone call reception than most smart phones. As I predicted, there is no discernable performance increase with new 64 bit, A7 chip on the 5s. It is just another spec, the kind which Android fan boys drool over. I don't know a single iPhone owner who will notice increased performance with this chip, or had it in their wish list.

    The new fingerprint scanner may or may not be cool, but there were a ton of improvements Apple should have implemented before the fingerprint scanner.

    Apple is ignoring the wishes of their consumer base.
    Frank Shore