Apps of the Week: Dragon, XE, RealVNC

Apps of the Week: Dragon, XE, RealVNC

Summary: ZDNet UK rounds up the best mobile apps around. This week: dictate your notes, check global currencies and control your desktop from your smartphone

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  • Dragon Remote Microphone

    ZDNet UK is now recommending an App of the Day. It seems only polite, now we have our own app, to take a deeper look at this lively area of mobile tech — and, of course, we'll do it with the needs of enterprise IT at the top of the list.

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    1. Dragon Remote Microphone
    This free app for iPhone and iPad allows you to dictate notes without a headset, using your iOS device as a wireless microphone. The app links up with Dragon's desktop software, Dragon NaturallySpeaking for the PC and Dragon Dictate for the Mac.

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  • XE Currency

    2. XE Currency
    Available on Windows Phone 7, iOS, Android and BlackBerry, this app lets users convert global currencies on the go with live currency rates and charts. Users can calculate prices in their own currency with the app, and monitor up to ten currencies. They can even use it offline.

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Topics: Apps, Reviews, Software

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