Archos unveils 116 Platinum Android tablet with 11.6-inch IPS display for $349

Archos unveils 116 Platinum Android tablet with 11.6-inch IPS display for $349

Summary: The French device company tries to introduce another noteworthy product to stand out in the tablet crowd.

TOPICS: Tablets, Android

Archos keeps pumping out new Android tablet flavors, whether a gaming version, an 8-inch iPad-mini competitor, or a budget-priced slate with Retina display-like resolution. Now as it officially introduced its Platinum line in the U.S., the French company has thrown another curve.

In addition to that 8-inch 80 Platinum for $199 and the ultra-high-res 97 Platinum for $299, Archos has also announced the 116 Platinum, which features a massive 11.6-inch IPS screen. At 1,920x1,080 (or full 1080p HD), its resolution isn't as high as the 2,048x1,536 97 Platinum, but the size is thus far unique among Android tablets. (Vizio announced an 11.6-inch Windows 8-based tablet at CES in January, though its pricing and release date aren't yet known.)

Like the other Platinum tablets, the 116 model will come with a quad-core CPU, eight-core GPU, 2GB of RAM, and Android 4.1 Jelly Bean. Don't expect blazing performance at the aggressive price point, which will be $349 when the 116 is release in April, but the size is the thing with this tablet.

Unfortunately, unique form factors don't automatically yield big sales, so it will be interesting to watch if Archos can truly make a name for itself in the cluttered Android tablet world. It's a long shot, but if nothing else give the company credit for trying to push the envelope while others are satisfied with simply pumping out clones to grab some market share.

Topics: Tablets, Android

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  • any word on the ...


    processor and video quality are the first two things to go when slashing prices. This one looks like the video is decent.
    • RTFM

      • Quad Core @ 1.2GHz
      • 8-core GPU PowerVR SGX 544
    • Allwinner gem

      It's the Allwinner A31. It's a real little gem actually.
      It's got more core power than the A6 but half the video.
      Still, on android for cheap, it's a great chip.
      4 A7 cores. A7 is actually a better performing update to the A8 than the A9 was and consumes less power. The A15 cores are more powerful, but a Quad A7 is fantast
      • continued

        ic on android. The gpu is PVR SGX544MP2 , which is half the MP4 version in the newest ipad. It pushes around the same benchmarks as an Ipad3 really, so it's plenty fast.
  • Archos is good and bad

    I have had the Archos 70 250G (250G internal HD) for over 2 years. It was dirt cheap but has no rear camera or GPS, but the 250G HD in a 7" tablet makes for a great media machine.

    I've had no problems with it, but people unlucky enough to have had problems with the same device have reported getting virtually no help from Archos. Also, it seems that the battery may be dying out on mine. I can barely get a couple of hours from it any more.
    • lithium ion batteries have limited life

      Don't expect a lithium ion battery to last more than two years from the date of manufacture. It's a limitation of the technology. If you don't replace your device after two years, you will need to replace the battery at some stage.