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Crafting an effective IT policy can be a daunting and expensive task.

You could spend hours writing it yourself, but consider how much your time is worth. The average salary of an IT Director/Manager in the U.S. is about $100,000 (depending on geographic location, company, education, etc.). Over a year, that salary breaks down to about $48 per hour. If it takes you one work day to write an IT policy, that single policy cost you $384 ($48 x 8 hours).

Don't have time to write a policy? You can pay a consultant hundreds of dollars to create one for you or buy a single policy online for $25, $50, or more. You may even be able to find a handful of policies bundled together, but these packages can cost over $500. There is a better way.

Subscribe to Tech Pro Research and get access to over 100 ready-made IT policies. Just download a policy template and customize it to fit your company's needs. Here's a sample of the policies in our library.

IT policy template downloads

BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) Policy: Our BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) Policy describes the steps your employees must take when connecting personal devices to the organization's systems and networks.

Severe Weather and Emergency Policy: The Severe Weather and Emergency Policy provides guidelines for companies to respond to emergencies and severe weather activity.

Severance Policy: The Severance Policy outlines the differences between simple departure scenarios where the employee is paid a final check for the time they worked and any unused vacation hours, as well as more complex situations.

Internet and Mobile Phone Reimbursement Policy: This template will help you establish a sound and clear policy for the reimbursement of personal internet and/or mobile phone plans for employees who rely upon these services to conduct their jobs.

Google Glass Policy: The introduction of Google Glass means that it’s only a matter of time before employees bring them into the workplace. Use Tech Pro Research's Google Glass Policy to help create guidelines for your organization.

IT Anti-Virus Policy: Computer viruses, also known as "malware", are malicious self-replicating programs which can infect files. A virus can steal information, send out junk email and damage programs/operating systems. Viruses disrupt computers, cause needless downtime, consume staff resources and pose significant security risks to the organization. Use Tech Pro Research's IT Anti-Virus Policy to help establish guidelines for your workplace.

IT Data Center Green Energy Policy: As worldwide energy demands and concerns about climate change increase, establishing environmentally responsible business proctices are critical for the successful future of a company and the markets in which it operates. The Tech Pro Research IT Data Center Green Energy Policy will assist your company with the implementation of these practices.

Encryption Policy: Tech Pro Research's Encryption Policy will provide guidance on limiting the use of encryption to those algorithms that have been proven to work effectively. This policy applies to all sensitive and confidential data generated, accessed, transmitted or stored on company mobile computing devices. Other information may be encrypted at the discretion of the data owner who is responsible for the information.

IT Consultant Conduct Policy: By the very nature of their business, IT consultants--who have both access and exposure to a company's most sensitive data--must be held to the highest ethical standard. Ethics are critical, not only to the consultant's company, but to the client organization. In addition to ethical behavior, a consultant must maintain appropriate behavior at all times. This IT Consultant Conduct Policy outlines an example code of conduct and a code of conduct for consultants.

Help Desk Policy: Technology support services are provided through the Information Technology (IT) help desk unit to provide technical assistance and support related to computer systems, hardware or software. Our Help Desk Policy will assist departments with maintaining the process for employees and IT staff.

Ergonomics Policy: Good ergonomics are critical to preventing work-related injuries as well as increasing employee comfort and productivity.

Application/Project Development Policy: Our Application/Project Development Policy outlines the guidelines organizations should follow before starting and during a new project. Organizations must follow certain processes with new or existing projects in order to successfully complete these projects in a timely fashion.

Hardware Inventory Policy: Our Hardware Inventory Policy describes which components are subject to the policy, how and when you will update your hardware inventory, steps you must take if equipment goes missing, and the decommissioning and disposal process.

Instant Messaging Policy: Our Instant Messaging Policy covers the use of instant messaging software and services by employees. It can help you establish both guidelines for proper use of instant messaging and penalties for misuse.

Social Media Policy: From personal blogs to sites like Facebook, Google+, and LinkedIn, the use of social media is growing rapidly. And whether your organization actively uses social media or not, your employees probably are.

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