3D gaming benchmarks for all three late-2008 MacBooks

Rob-ART over at has tested the new 'late 2008' MacBook 2.

Rob-ART over at has tested the new 'late 2008' MacBook 2.4GHz against the 2.53GHz and 2.8GHz MacBook Pro at its native 1280x800 and concludes:

The fastest "late 2008" MacBook Pro* (2.8GHz) is about 20% faster than its fastest predecessor ("early 2008" MBP 2.6GHz) when it comes to 3D accelerated Game benchmarks. However don't expect it to be faster than the fastest iMac or Mac Pro with roughly comparable graphics processors. A fast laptop Mac is not the equal of a fast desktop Mac. Unless portability is king, hard core gamers (and professional 3D modelers) will want a Mac Pro with the fastest GPU option they can afford...

When it comes to 3D accelerated graphics, the "late 2008" 13" MacBook 2.4GHz (with its integrated GeForce 9400M) is not as pathetic as the previous models of MacBook with the integrated GMA X3100 or 950. But its integrated GeForce 9400M is still no match for the dedicated GeForce 9600M GT (or 8600M GT) in the 2007 and 2008 MacBook Pros.

Read the rest at Bare Feats.


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