A quick look at the Cray CX1

Summary:So, what does $90,000+ buy you? Let's take a look at the options available to you when you configure your Cray CX1 system.

Let's take a look at the options available to you when you configure your Cray CX1 system.

First off, form factor.

You can get your Cray CX1 on either a rackmount rail kit (standard) or deskside rolling tray (extra - add $520). You can also add a set of two single phase hot swap power modules for $2,078.

Next up, blades (or nodes).

You can choose from a wide range of nodes, and customize each to suit:

  • Compute Node (Single Socket) CN4800 - Starting Price: $2,774.00
  • Compute Node (Dual Socket) CN5400 - Starting Price: $5,886.00
  • Storage Node (4 Hard Drive) CS5404 - Starting Price: $7,357.00
  • Storage Node (8 Hard Drive) CS5408 - Starting Price: $8,652.00
  • Visualization Node CV5401 - Starting Price: $8,106.00

With all the hard decisions made, you can choose from a whole list of options - power cords, whether you want to save $240 and not get the Logitech MX5500 cordless keyboard and mouse set (a bit of kit that oddly enough has a recommended selling price of only $170 ...), what monitor you want, what OS, whether you want a road case or not, warranties and so on.

Here's a system I threw together quickly ...

The bottom line? A mere $99,563 ...

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