Adobe strikes back at Apple over iPad/Flash debacle

Summary:We reported recently that Apple CEO Steve Jobs lashed out a bit at Google and Adobe, calling the latter "lazy," and accusing their Flash software of being a regular culprit when an Apple computer crashes. Well, Adobe has something to say about that.

Apple CEO Steve Jobs recently lashed out a bit at Google and Adobe, calling the latter "lazy," and accusing their Flash software of being a regular culprit when an Apple computer crashes. Well, Adobe has something to say about that.

It's not clear what sparked Jobs' comments, but there was some rampant discussion on the interwebs when it was discovered during Apple's press event dedicated to the iPad that the tablet device obviously isn't Flash compatible (see photo above). It became even worse when Apple tried to pretend it did in a promo clip on their website and soon pulled it due to backlash. So perhaps Jobs just wanted to hash out that Flash wasn't necessary on the new device - or at all.

It's not pointedly directed back towards Jobs' comments, but Adobe CTO Kevin Lynch has penned a response about the lack of Flash on a recently announced "magical device." (Wonder what that could be...)

First, apparently Flash was designed with tablet computers in mind (15 years ago?). But beyond being useful in computer browsers, its also vital to the smartphone market, namely in the upcoming Google Nexus One. (We can definitely see where the lines are being drawn.)

While Lynch concedes that HTML has evolved, particularly with version 5, we won't be saying goodbye to Flash anytime "in the foreseeable future."

As for where Flash stands on Apple products? Lynch says they've been making progress with the iPhone, developing standalone apps built in Flash, which he says should work on the iPad as well. But apparently it's Apple who is not cooperating and enabling Flash in their devices' browsers.

So, who is right and who is wrong? It seems like there are some serious communication problems going on here. Or has this just turned into one big Silicon Valley catfight?

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