Apple releases iPhone 1.0.2 Firmware (updated)

Apple released iPhone firmware version 1.0.2 last night via iTunes.

Apple released iPhone firmware version 1.0.2 last night via iTunes. The update screen says only that the 3.7MB update includes "bug fixes."

iPhone 1.02 firmware

Isn't it high time that Apple comes clean about what these updates really do? Remember the Web gallery update?

iPhone 1.02 firmware read me

My favorite comment from about the update: "The party doesn't really start until Leopard ships, I am guessing."

Update: People are theorizing about what features (if any) the 1.0.2 firmware update includes:

  • Safari seems snappier
  • Safari has faster navigation around the UI (bookmarks, etc.)
  • Switching between multiple Web pages is smoother
  • Camera appears to have image stabilization
  • Sound seems more crisp over the headphones
  • More YouTube videos available

Another great comment from Digg: "Maybe this update is just a placebo... It is forcing everyone to think that something must have improved and psychologically makes them think that the volume has boosted or the sound quality has improved."

Gizmodo has confirmed that iFuntastic 2.5 works with the new 1.0.2 firmware and Engadget has confirmed that Jailbreak still works on the new firmware. Install Script for 1.0.2 (for Installer.ap) also works with the new firmware.


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