Cool Apple Watch accessories to help you customize it

If you want to make your Apple Watch stand out from the rest, you can either send crazy money on the Edition version, or customize it with accessories. Here are some that will help you do just that.

The Apple Watch isn't out yet, but manufacturers are falling over themselves to come out with accessories for Apple's newest product.

There are a lot of accessories out there. Many are cool, while some feel like lame cash grabs. If you want to make your Apple Watch stand out from the rest, you can either send crazy money on the Edition version, or customize it with some accessories. Here are some of the cool accessories that I've come across that you can use to do just that.

A word of warning: Some of these products are seeking crowdfunding dollars in order to turn the idea into reality. While most crowdfunding projects go without a hitch and people who paid their money get what they were promised, some projects do end in failure. With that in mind I want to make it clear that I'm not endorsing any such projects. My advice is to wait for products to come to market before parting with your money. However, if you're happy with the idea of crowdfunding, then feel free to become a backer, just be aware of the risks.

With that out of the way, let's take a look some of the best Apple Watch accessories.

Reserve Strap: A silicon band with embedded lithium polymer cells and an inductive charging cradle that sits between the wrist and the Apple Watch.

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Click!: A watch band adapter that allows you to customize your Apple Watch.

  • Price: From $12.
  • More info: Click!

Calypso Moment: Fancy charging platform so you can stare lovingly at your shiny new bauble (at least until the limerence wears off).

  • Price: €129 (approximately $140)
  • More info: Calypso

Doria Defense Edge: A combination of a durable machined aluminum exterior and a soft rubber lining to protect the edges of the Apple Watch from scratches and impacts.

  • Price: $29.95
  • More info: Doria

Actionproof 'The Bumper': Protective bumper for the Apple Watch. Available in a range of colors.

Nomad Pod: A lithium-ion battery pack that allows you to carry enough power for four recharges of the Apple Watch.

The Cyclip: A handlebar adapter for the Apple Watch.

EPIK Apple Watch Kit: Premium rugged protection for the Apple Watch.

Griffin WatchStand: A stylish stand and charging dock for the Apple Watch.

DODOcase charging stand: Luxury charging stand handcrafted from Californian American Walnut.

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