ATF and the rest! Recycling e-waste in the UK

Summary:Well, we did it. It's been a 3 months slog, but we finally got ATF registration through this week...

Well, we did it. It's been a 3 months slog, but we finally got ATF registration through this week... at a cost of £3500 and many man hours of work. In effect, we went through the hoops of changing planning permission for the site and, once that was completed, the application for Authorised treatment facility was signed off. So what does this mean when dealing with e-waste in the UK? Well, in effect we can treat just about anything electrical or electronic in house, breaking it down for resource extraction- effectively, exactly what we've always tried very hard to achieve here- this just makes it legal.

So where now? Well, there's certain stipulations in the license. we need to provide training and have competent people on site. This means me and Kevin achieving NVQ level 4's in Waste management within 12 months and then obtaining WAMITAB approval... In additional, we're going to go for AATF status over the next 4 weeks- just in time for Jan 09 and the start of the new Producer Compliance register. The aim? To ensure a steady stream of waste electronics, computers and technological equipment from manufacturers, suppliers and producers.

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Director at Computer Displays UK Limited, a company trading as IT-Green. A Specialist in the processing of ewaste, IT data security, WEEE and business wastes. Manages Environmental Permitting, Planning, EMS, Environmental Policies and production of recycling processes for treating IT wastes from clients. Produces in-house asset trackin... Full Bio

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