Blog spam

Has anyone come up with a good name for blog spam? (other than excrement?

Has anyone come up with a good name for blog spam? (other than excrement?)

I have now figured out that it is all about SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Just like any blogger that posts to other people's blogs the hope is that Google will see all these links back to your blog and increase your page ranking. I suspect that Google is actually excluding blog comments from its page rank algorithm.

I get about twenty comments a day that link to other blogs (mostly at At those sites you see gibberish postings and links to the actual site that is selling pharmaceuticals or whatever.

Does it do any good to ban IP addresses? I am just because it feels good to lash back. I also report all links to blogspot to If they do not start taking down these fake blogs they may find themselves blacklisted!

Speaking of black lists here is my list of banned IP addresses in case anyone wants to use it.


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