Broadcom offers its top trend predictions for CES 2013

Summary:Some of the big trends expected to take CES 2013 by storm include location-based technology and, yet again, more talk about NFC.

SAN FRANCISCO -- The holiday season is even close to being over yet, and there's already plenty of talk about what we can look forward to at CES 2013 next month.

Broadcom hosted a small group of reporters and analysts on Tuesday afternoon to offer its predictions for the biggest topics at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas this January as well as throughout 2013.

The networking solutions provider has it narrowed down to the following six trends.

Also linking a few of the following trends together, Broadcom is introducing two Near Field Communications solutions today, including what it is describing as the "industry's first" quad-combo platform that integrates NFC, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and FM radio onto a single chip.

Location-based technology

Michael Hurlston, senior vice president and general manager of Broadcom's home and wireless networking team, explained that this also means developing a "contextually-aware platform" in which as the mobile device moves from outdoors to indoors, the content being delivered to that device is consistent with the location. For example if you're at home, apps and alerts relevant should pop up. The same goes on an enterprise network.

Hurlston provided a step-by-step scheme for how to zero-in to device locations as precisely as possible from cellular networks down to Bluetooth Low-Energy and MEMS technologies. When you combine a number of these (including Wi-Fi, NFC, GPS, etc.), you can determine the user's location to nearly the exact spot within a store.

While this might sound a bit scary to most consumers, Hurlston pressed that this technology offers many different applications and use cases in terms of advertising and content as well as useful everyday notifications for weather and traffic.


Hurlston noted that this medium is often referred to in a number of different ways, but the end application is basically the seamless transfer of content from mobile device (i.e. smartphones and tablets) to larger displays such as a TV. He added that digital content is "clearly moving towards these devices."

5G Wi-Fi

While it was talked about at CES earlier this year, Broadcom expects more products to hit shelves using next-generation connectivity to roll out next year. Nevertheless, Broadcom execs talked up how far 5G came in 2013, as Hurlston said that it has been integrated by "every major infrastructure customer" in the notebook and infrastructure industries.

In 2013, Hurlston said that Broadcom expects we'll see 5G integrated more on PCs, digital TVs and mobile devices -- the last one more so by Mobile World Congress in February.

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