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Summary:Everyone's piling into cloud. The latest is Citrix which has just announced that it's bought Cloud.

Everyone's piling into cloud. The latest is Citrix which has just announced that it's bought was among the more visible of the emerging category of cloud software management vendors, whose products are designed to manage entire virtualised datacentres, irrespective of location or hypervisor.

It remains to be seen if Citrix, which develops its own XenServer hypervisor, will continue to develop's CloudStack product in the same manner. However, since cloud is inherently a heterogeneous environment, it would be inadvisable to do otherwise.

Assuming it agrees, Citrix will have expanded its sphere of operations from just the datacentre into the wider cloud -- or at least, more than one datacentre.

There's little else in the announcement -- not even a price -- but at the very least, this is Citrix putting a marker down that it plans to play with the big boys.

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