Comdex '99: Penguins Can Fly

TurboLinux executives don penguin suits and skydive into the Linux Business Expo

Some people will do anything for attention at Comdex. Case in point, three of TurboLinux's best will don penguin suits and skydive into the Linux Business Expo.

This cluster will dive onto (and hopefully not into) Comdex in front of the Las Vegas Hilton. This perilous penguin flight is scheduled for Tuesday, November 16, at 7:45 a.m.

After proving penguins can fly--even ever so briefly--the Linux flock can listen to TurboLinux CEO Cliff Miller speak about Linux and open source in the enterprise.

The intrepid Turboers say it's to "celebrate the Department of Justice ruling against Microsoft and the rise of the Linux OS clustering solution for the enterprise." We think we'd rather see their product fly, not the executives.

For full coverage, see the Comdex '99 Special Report .


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