Cortado Corporate Server 7.2 makes mobile teamwork easier

Summary:Mobile teamwork and collaboration is challenging. Cortado, in the business of making this easier, offers its Corporate Server 7.2, which adds native IOS printing and intelligent team file storage and sharing.

Henning Volkmer, Cortado CEO, introduced me to the newest version of the Cortado Corporate Server (CCS), version 7.2. He discussed the challenges the product was designed to address, and demonstrated its file sharing, file storage, and printing capabilities with his iPad.

File storage and sharing

CCS offers patent-pending Smart Filing technology designed to offer intelligent filing. It makes it possible for multiple copies of files to be stored to prevent one person from "clobbering" the work being done by another. CCS automatically saved back to the corporate network in the right place prevents version conflicts or data loss.

CCS also makes it possible for staff members to securely share information with a recipient who is outside of the organization by offering a pointer to data that is held in a secure location. If the outside recipient shares that location and third parties don't have the proper credentials, they will be unable to view the data.

CCS offers, as a welcome addition, the ability to integrate Microsoft SharePoint. Staff using different devices can access the same data through this facility.

Cortado has also added the capability of putting content location and credentials into a QR code making it possible for staff to access information by just scanning the code using their mobile device.


One of Cortado's key strengths has long been the ability to simplify printing from mobile devices. As one would expect, CCR continues the tradition. Uses can access corporate printers listed in their Active Directory credentials as well as printers assigned by IT administrators.

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