Could Bill Gates save Microsoft?

Summary:Giving billions of dollars away is easy...rebuilding Microsoft is a major challenge.

I watched Charlie Rose interviewing Bill Gates, on "60 Minutes" on Sunday, about his charity work, his war on diseases, his nuclear reactor, and his low cost toilet.

It seemed that Charlie Rose forgot to ask Bill Gates an important question:

"Would you consider going back to Microsoft? You are doing a brilliant job giving away billions of dollars and saving the children of the world, do you think you could do a 'Steve Jobs' and save Microsoft too?" 

Could Bill Gates save $MSFT? It's fallen on hard times and needs help getting revenues back up. More importantly, it needs a new vision, badly. 

He has more than 1,000 people plus his wife now running the foundation. He showed Charlie Rose his giant bag of books and says he spends a lot of time reading, so he clearly has delegated a lot of work and cleared space in his life. Maybe he's planning a comeback?

It would be a feather in his cap, for sure. It would boost the stock price of Microsoft and his personal legacy.

Giving away billions of dollars is easy -- making billions of dollars is hard. Bill Gates knows it and he loves a challenge.


From Spark Capital VC Bijan Sabet - The trouble with Microsoft

I am uncomfortable to kick a company when it’s down but I gotta take a moment and talk about Microsoft. It’s because I like the company and I’m friends with many folks that work there.

Bill Gates needs to come back…

He can’t be happy watching his company fade away to irrelevance over the years…Microsoft needs to start building amazing products. The current leadership isn’t getting it done. 

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