Crownpeak challenges top ten SaaS myths

Summary:On-demand content management vendor Crownpeak is teasing journalists with an onslaught against what it calls 'the top ten myths about software delivered as a service.'

On-demand content management vendor Crownpeak is teasing journalists with an onslaught against "the top ten myths about software delivered as a service." In a press release hitting the wires tomorrow, CEO Jim Howard says:

"There have been so many myths and misconceptions propagated about software-as-a-service, that we felt compelled to set the record straight and reveal the truth about SaaS."

The release continues:

"The company shares insight into why Web site management delivered as a software service puts the power of managing a Web site back into the hands of the business user, and how a software service is the best option for delivering a successful Web site."

The complete list of myths:

  1. Fewer features
  2. Customer loses control
  3. Security is a problem
  4. Difficult to integrate
  5. SaaS is Risky
  6. Hosted is only good for small businesses and projects
  7. Costs more over time
  8. Service could be poor with a SaaS
  9. SaaS companies have an unproven business model
  10. SaaS companies are competitive with the IT organization

To find out the corresponding truth, media and analysts are asked to sign up for a one-hour briefing with Jim. I might just do that. But what I find most interesting about this is what it says about the increasing confidence of SaaS vendors to confront the received wisdom about on-demand services and strike back with their own propaganda. It should come as no surprise to discover that Crownpeak's line on every one of these myths that the opposite is in fact the truth: SaaS delivers more features, enhanced control, better security, superior integration, less risk ... and so on. You tell 'em, Jim!

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