Dell and IBM ramp up cloud ambitions

Summary:Both companies are becoming better placed to challenge the more established cloud firms...

Both companies are becoming better placed to challenge the more established cloud firms...


Dell and IBM are upping their game with cloud computing as they take on the likes of HP and more established cloud providers such as Amazon, Microsoft and RackspacePhoto: Shutterstock

IBM and Dell have unveiled a range of products and services that they hope will help them make significant headway in the cloud computing market.

With cloud computing predicted to boom in 2011, two of tech's heavyweights have joined HP in ramping up their cloud technology to compete with more established cloud providers such as Amazon, Microsoft and Rackspace.

IBM has unveiled SmartCloud, a set of cloud services that allows customers to use the company's infrastructure to run various computing processes and store data.

Although IBM already offers cloud-based technology, its existing services have mainly focused on providing a test and development environment rather than business production processes - such as providing additional computing capacity to businesses during periods of peak demand.

IBM's cloud leader for UK and Ireland, Doug Clark, told that SmartCloud is a production-grade cloud that is managed and hosted and has the flexibility and security to cope with widely varying workloads.

"It's really an evolution. The way this is being launched, we think it's quite a significant step forward - it's almost the next-generation iteration from an IBM point of view," he added.

The idea is for IBM customers who have been experimenting with cloud computing and using it for development to start deploying the technology for wider business use. Customers also have the option of running the cloud technology on-premise or hosted by a third-party service provider.

"From a dev and test point of view, it will depend on what sort of workloads or things companies need to set up and test out. Subject to that, they may then want to build their own private cloud in their own facilities or it could be a combination of public and private," Clark said.

There will be two versions of the SmartCloud technology: Enterprise and Enterprise +. Enterprise is already available while Enterprise + will be available later in the year with additional IBM services for managing cloud infrastructure.

Clark added that the technology is both infrastructure as a service...

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