DVD writer puts 9.4GB on disk

New DVD writer from LaCie allows users to 'drag and drop' files onto a DVD-RAM disk that can hold up to 9.4GB of data.

Storage firm LaCie is launching two new DVD writers, one of which allows up to 9.4GB of data on a single disk. Available from early October, the drives are intended for archiving and backup, as well as creating DVD movie disks. However, most PC users will need FireWire adapters to use them.

LaCie's new DVDRW supports DVD-R and CD-RW media, as well as its own 4.7GB rewritable DVD-RW disks. A second new drive, the DVDRAM/R supports DVD-R as well as double-sided DVD-RAM cartridges that can store up to 9.4GB. Both are external units.

LaCie's UK general manager, George Leptos, said that the DVD-RAM/R was particularly attractive because it offered users up to 9.4GB of rewritable storage as well as the ability to master DVD-compatible disks. "You can simply drag and drop files to a DVD-RAM disk," he said. "It's more like writing to a hard drive than burning a DVD-R."

Both the DVDRW and DVD-RAM/R products will only come with an IEEE.1394 FireWire interface, even though most PCs do not have this as standard.

"USB 1.1 is simply not fast enough for these drives, and USB 2.0 is only just being launched," explained Leptos. He added that LaCie will launch USB 2.0 products next month, starting with a 16-speed CD-RW and external hard drives up to 120GB. The company does not intend to offer products with both USB and FireWire ports, except for the existing PocketDrive range of portable storage solutions, Leptos said.

The DVDRW will cost £649 ($947) + VAT, while the DVD-RAM/R will be priced at £549 ($801) + VAT.


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