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Summary:No, it's not another clever manipulation of the .us top level domain by Joshua Schacter.

No, it's not another clever manipulation of the .us top level domain by Joshua Schacter. is from O'Reilly's Steve Mallet who is clearly sick and tired of "it" and not going to take it any more. The tagline is "Customer to customer support because 'customer support' has become an oxymoron."

Wrote Mallet of his new service:

I’ve created as a way for customers to help customers. Computers, gadgets & digital anything was suppose to make our lives easier. Well, that might be the case once the damn things work.

Problem is: they almost never do and the companies providing them saddle you with the burden of getting them to. And how? By calling script-wielding, underpaid, frayed-nerved phone support or endless googling across blogs.....There are three primary ways this can work for the betterment of your fellow man/woman.

Number 3 is directed at vendors and other solution providers:

If you’re company’s service sucks (which [it] does), chip in what you know and save us all the hassle of contacting them.

And Mallet was obviously driven by his own expierience (which are probably similar to the ones I've caught on tape like this one, this one, and this one):

Tell people you know to come here and pitch in so we all don’t go insane calling 1-800-eat-sh*t.


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