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We chat and argue and share interesting things in other places besides ZDNet. Why aren't you following us?

Here at ZDNet, we put the social in social enterprise, know what I mean?

But seriously, it's part of our jobs to be everywhere. Now that we've knit together our global teams -- did you know we have bureaus in London, New York, Boston, Louisville, San Francisco, Sydney and Singapore? -- you can chat with us at all hours of the day.

HURRAH, I say.

Follow us, for Pete's sake:


Steve "Lay off my bicycle" Ranger: Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google Plus

Jo "Cookies or death" Best: Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google Plus

Toby "Silicon Don" Wolpe: Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google Plus

Charles "Six string" McLellan: Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google Plus

Nick "Data is the name that they gave me" Heath: Twitter, LinkedIn

Ben "So fresh, so clean" Woods: Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn

Sam "The science" Shead: Twitter, LinkedIn

Charlie "Red line" Osborne: Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google Plus


Larry "El jefe" Dignan: Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google Plus

Andrew "Suit and tie" Nusca: Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google Plus

Zack "Wine o'clock" Whittaker: Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google Plus


David "Groundhog Day" Grober: Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google Plus

Andy "Shadowboxer" Smith: Andy bravely plays host to the ZDNet Facebook page during U.S. hours, so you should definitely join him there.


Jason "Harmony" Hiner: Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google Plus


Rachel "Bon ton" King: Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google Plus


Chris "Dobes" Duckett: Twitter, LinkedIn, Google Plus

Josh "Tsk tsk" Taylor: Twitter, LinkedIn, Google Plus

Spandas "Console lover" Lui: Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google Plus

Michael "Don't set me on fire, plz" Lee: Twitter

Corinne "Red pen" Reichert: Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google Plus


Eileen "It's not me, it's..." Yu: Twitter, LinkedIn, Google Plus

Kevin "Superstar" Kwang: Twitter, LinkedIn, Google Plus

Ryan "Spaceman" Huang: Twitter, Google Plus

Ellyne "Call me Ellie" Phneah: Twitter, LinkedIn, Google Plus

Jamie "Don't call me fangirl" Yap: Twitter, LinkedIn, Google Plus

List seem short? That's because I left off our impressive array of expert contributors, in the name of relative brevity. (The people listed above are our editors, reporters and principal news writers, most of them staff.) To find those folks, consult our meet the team page

*Note: I've made up these nicknames entirely independent of those to whom they are applied. They're probably already plotting to kill me.


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