Google all the rage at Gnomedex, but not present

Summary:I have been following, from afar, the pre July 4th “fireworks

I have been following, from afar, the pre July 4th “fireworks” that Gnomedex offered this weekend in Seattle. From this Digital Micro-Markets Blog's point of view, Robert Scoble’s observations in his post "Where was Google," are of particular note. Scoble reflects that while Google was notably absent, the Web powerhouse was nonetheless omnipresent:

I am wondering “where was Google?” I don’t remember meeting a Google employee (I just looked through my stack of more than a hundred business cards and didn’t find one from Google).

But, yet, Google was the talk of the conference…

I guess Google doesn’t think the Gnomedex audience is important anymore. Yet when I walked around the room I kept seeing Google being used all over the place.

That’s not a good message to send and it will come around to haunt them.

I often reflect, here, on the unprecedented and unchecked power Google enjoys. For my latest reflections:

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