Google intros Security Center tool for G Suite

Security center aims to bring together analytics, insights, and recommendations about an organization's data security.


Google has placed major emphasis on products that protect an organization's sensitive data and assets.

Google on Wednesday introduced a new security tool for G Suite that aims to bring together analytics, insights and recommendations about an organization's data security.


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With security center for G Suite, admins and executives can view security metrics on a unified dashboard, examine security analytics to flag threats, and adopt security best practices based off of customized recommendations.

"We want to make it easy for you to manage your organization's data security," said Google. "A big part of this is making sure you and your admins can access a bird's eye view of your security -- and, more importantly, that you can take action based on timely insights."

Google has placed major emphasis on products that protect an organization's sensitive data and assets. The tech giant has rolled out advanced phishing detection through machine learning and tools to prevent data leakage via DLP for Google Drive.

Last July, the company introduced a feature for G Suite that enabled organizations to limit which third-party apps could gain access to its users' data.

The feature prompted admins to create a list of pre-approved apps with OAuth apps whitelisting, which allowed users to grant access to personal G Suite data to any of the apps on the whitelist.

Before that feature launched, however, Gmail users were hit by a phishing attack that abused Google's OAuth login page where third-party apps requested access to different permissions in Gmail. After the incident, among other steps it took, Google slowed down the process for publishing web apps.


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