Greencollar: such a clever phrase...but there will be jobs

I shouldn't quibble, I guess. Some of the wannabe White House CEO-candidates are now talking about investing in greencollar jobs.

I shouldn't quibble, I guess. Some of the wannabe White House CEO-candidates are now talking about investing in greencollar jobs. That would presumably be money spent on things besides more oil wells in Alaska or coal plants in Missouri. It might mean investment in clean technologies, insulating old buildings, perhaps even training Americans to live without plastic shopping bags. I actually heard one candidate claim a respect for science and research. That must have had the climate change deniers grimacing in discomfort.

There hasn't up to now been much talk of climate change amidst all the political talking by the dozen or so folks who began this Presidential campaign as candidiates, not to mention their dozens of surrogates. And you don't see those MSM debate-meisters pushing the point. "Exactly what would you do to lower America's carbon footprint?" Think of the snickers among fellow reporters not to mention quips by some of the sharper-tongued candidates themselves. "I wear a size nine, but my honorable opponent has a size 12."

If there are to be lots of new jobs in green tech it may not be coming from the big guys. A new survey shows majro global corporations do not think climate change is much of an issue. Reminds me of 1995 when the big guys ignored that silly little Internet. It was the small, the new, the bold who were shaping what is not the current media landscape by pioneering web sites and tools. Green Tech will not wait on GE and Exxon any more than the Internet waited on IBM and TimeWarner.

Not all the climate change-related jobs will be in hardware and software of the traditional tech type. According to a recent scientific study the biggest effects of climate change will be on human health (and that of other animals). That will mean scads of new jobs in medical fields, taking care of the over-warmed victims. And disposing of the resulting corpses.

Pols may not really grasp what green tech is all about, but they know a tail wind when they feel it. Apparently candidates in both parties are now cuddling up to nuclear power for the first time in decades. So all my negative nattering about nucs is for nought. The pro-nuclear folks taking exception to my exceptons will apparently be victorious. There will be nucs. Sounds like a great movie titles. I just hope every neighborhood's nuc is a safe one.


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