Here are five of the reasons why tech customer support "sucks"

You so totally need to purchase the February issue of Wired.Just went on sale, and I got mine.


You so totally need to purchase the February issue of Wired.

Just went on sale, and I got mine.

Cover story is  Why Things Suck: The 33 Things That Make Us Crazy.

Turning to the Customer Service Section of the article (and finding it online here), I read Patrick Di Justo provides five reasons why customer service sucks.

Let me paraphrase these five reasons:

Outsourced customer service to the Philippines (where English is widely spoken) is handled by underpaid employees.

Outsourced customer service to Bangalore, India (where English is also widely spoken) is handled by employees who are not emotionally invested in your technical issues.

Call centers don't have metrics for measuring customer satisfaction by the end of the call. Actually, I seem to remember a few follow-up emails asking me to rank my service satisfaction on an 0-5 basis, but are these ever read?

Most call centers are staffed by agents who are uncreative and have low incentive.

Agents at these call centers are doing several things at once, such as IM'ing when they ought to be fully concentrating on helping you.

Readers, I'd love to read your Comments on any or all of these five reasons. Maybe you have some you would like to add?


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