How rising gas prices help VoIP

I have a theory about how rising energy prices can help VoIP services.Goes like this:Imported oil is going up, up up.

I have a theory about how rising energy prices can help VoIP services.

Goes like this:

Imported oil is going up, up up. Right now, prices are approaching $53 or $54 a barrel.

When wholesale prices reach these levels, airlines feel compelled to tack on fuel charges. Maybe $5 or $10 a ticket, sometimes more.

When companies calculate the rising cost of business travel, maybe they won't send a whole crew to that monthly sales meeting, or second-tier industry convention.

When companies opt out of those types of press-the-flesh solutions, they wil look at cheaper communications alternatives.

VoIP is that alternative. And not only does that work for businesses, but for entrepreneurs, and even SOHOs like yours truly. And when you add in VoIP-enabled video conferencing capability, the cost efficiencies/ROI as opposed to business travel doesn't just present itself.

It screams.

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