Insights into Troubleshooting MySQL With Brian Aker

Summary:The question is how to make MySQL administration as simple and straightforward as possible for the myriad types of users of MySQL, many of whom don't want to be professional DBAs.

With some six million installations, MySQL is a fabulously popular database. All sorts of users, developers, system adminstrators, and database administrators (DBAs) are deploying and managing MySQL.

The question is how to make that administration as simple and straightforward as possible for these myriad types of users, many of whom don't want to be nor should be professional DBAs.

In my latest sponsored BriefingsDirect podcast discussion, we delve into the issues of MySQL management with Brian Aker, director of architecture at MySQL, and Michael Baum, chief executive Splunker at Splunk.

It's a discussion that will resonate with developers, operators, and the ecology communties building around MySQL and open source stacks in general.

Topics: Tech Industry


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