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Summary:Here's a selection of iPhone related links from around the web.

Here's a selection of iPhone related links from around the web.

  • It lives up to every bit of hype Interesting quote: OK, I’ll be honest, we’ve barely turned it on. But when you open your box you’ll realize that Apple has changed the way we all will look at mobile phones forever. Even if you don’t buy one you’ll see other companies react to this.
  • Jesusphone: He is Risen Interesting quote: Both of us were skeptical about the lack of a conventional keyboard, but so far, it's awesome. Sean's tapping out a bunch of Twitters and emails, single-fingeredly, and sailing through. iPhone does a remarkable job of sniffing out what you meant to type if you goof a little -- more so than any other mobile interface I've used. It'll take some getting used to, and it's not the same as a conventional keyboard. But it does not suck at all. I can imagine typing two-thumbed pretty soon.
  • iPhone sold out ... Interesting quote: Actually, no. I went to the SF Apple Store earlier with a friend who got a MacBook Pro and an iPhone. We were in and out in 5 minutes. This no-camping procedure is also known as having a life. Too bad for those who over-estimated the demand, camped for hours or even days thinking that they’ll be able to sell their iPhone on CL for $2000.
  • iPhone restricts users, GPLv3 frees them Interesting quote: On Friday, June 29, not everyone in the continental U.S. will be waiting in line to purchase a $500 iPhone. In fact, hundreds of thousands of digital aficionados around the globe won't be standing in line at all, for June 29 marks the release of version 3 of the GNU General Public License (GPL). Version 2 of the GPL governs the world's largest body of free software—software that is radically reshaping the industry and threatening the proprietary technology model represented by the iPhone.
  • 20 Reasons I’m Not Getting an iPhone Today Interesting quote: 7 - Buyer’s remorse will set in after bragging rights are no longer valid. 9 - Do I really need to make Steve Jobs any richer than he already is? 10 - Do I really need to give AT&T any more of my money?
  • Behind the iPhone Frenzy Interesting quote: Only a company with marketing muscle, design mojo, and a world-historic Reality Distortion Field could provide the needed bump. Apple decided to try, in the hope of selling zillions of the new, more capable devices. The real significance of the iPhone, whether it succeeds or fails in the market, is that it will trigger the transition to more open networks. Once people see that a pretty good phone can be a pretty good mobile computer, they won’t settle for less anymore; and mobile networks will be pried open.
  • Europe to get 3G iPhone from Vodafone, T-Mobile and Carphone Warehouse Interesting quote: This news will certainly put a smile on European Apple fan's faces even as Americans are queuing in the rain for the now-inferior 2G version.
  • How AT&T Screwed The Pooch for Apple & The iPhone Interesting quote: The two different buying experiences couldn't be more opposite. While the AT&T staff were slow and incompetent, the Apple staff was happy and quick. The AT&T store made us wait in a piss-filled alley, the Apple employees greeted us and kidded, "be gentle with her.." when we left the store. The AT&T system crashed within the first two orders and the Apple purchasing system was absolutely flawless and fast. We would love to say this is 100% AT&T at fault for their lack of planning, lack of testing and general poor management but Apple does get a black eye for not giving more iPhones for AT&T distribution. This all brought up a lot of questions.

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