Japanese machine transforms office paper into toilet paper

White Goat is a Japanese machine that can transform 40 sheets of standard A4 office paper into one roll of toilet paper in roughly 30 minutes.

Aptly named "White Goat", a machine created by Oriental, Co. Ltd is one of latest offspring of the eco movement.  According to sources,  it uses 40 sheets of standard A4 office paper and water to make one roll of toilet paper in roughly 30 minutes.

If the novelty turns heads, so does the price tag. White Goat is set to go on sale this summer for $100,000.  To break even requires 200,000 roles produced, which can take 11 years if operated non-stop, and that does not include the cost of operating the machine. For some corporate paper wasters, however, saving trees may be justification enough for such a machine, with or without the pro forma case.

As the video below reveals, the patent-pending White Goat operates by first cutting paper into ribbons with its built-in shredder. (Shredded paper can also be dumped into machine). The ribbons then move to a pulper where they dissolve in water and the resulting pulp is thinned out, dried, and rolled up into ready-to-use toilet paper which is dispensed from the opposite end of the machine.

(via DVICE)


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