Job searching on Internet time

The Internet has made it quicker for workers to find jobs, and for companies to find workers.

Finding a job is now on Internet time.

Or at least it can be, since job seekers, using the Internet can greatly cut the time it takes to find openings and research companies, as well as apply for those jobs.

And instead of waiting for the Sunday papers to come out, job seekers can now look any time they want. Companies can also post jobs as soon as they need to, as well.

"Say someone gives notice on Tuesday. Now you can post the ad yourself. It goes up Tuesday afternoon and you're starting to get responses right away," said Jeff Taylor, founder and CEO of

And once the resumes start pouring in, technology can speed up the process of sorting through them. Instead of having someone read through each and every resume, software can search through them looking for keywords, and pulling out relevant data. So an HR rep looking for someone with an accounting degree and five years of experience, can do a simple database query, instead of searching through piles.


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