Micro-bambi meets Googol-zilla

Talkback commenter utugau contributes some incisive analysis on why Google doesn't have to worry about any threat from Microsoft. Complete with visual.

My post early yesterday, Gillmor: Why Google should worry about Live Mesh, attracted a late flurry of Talkback comments last night. Probably the best I've read in a long while was this incisive analysis by Talkback poster utugau on why Google doesn't have to worry about any threat from Microsoft:

What is a Microsoft? it that 'soft' a new unit and microsoft is 1/1,000,000 of a soft?

Google comes from the term googool that is 1 followed by 100 zeros.

Why a company with 100 zeros to the right of the decimal point should be worried with a company with 6 zeros to the left of the decimal point?

It's an interesting angle on the debate and one that certainly hadn't struck me before (my emphasis added). It made me think of the celebrated 1969 cartoon, Bambi meets Godzilla, with Microsoft in the role of Bambi and Google as the giant Godzilla (click image below for a YouTube screening).

Screengrab of Bambi meets Godzilla


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