Microsoft BPOS uptime sparking customer angst, pleas for help

Summary:Microsoft customers are pitching media outlets, threatening a Twitter revolt and beginning to ponder alternatives over uptime. All they want is a little customer service attention.

Microsoft customers are pitching media outlets, threatening a Twitter revolt and beginning to ponder alternatives over uptime.

This Microsoft forum highlights the issues with BPOS mail flow in North America. The issue started on May 10 and now has been going on for 2 days. BPOS is a Microsoft-hosted bundle of Exchange Online, SharePoint Online, Communications Online and Live Meeting. There are dedicated, shared (multi-tenant) and government versions of the suite. It's a precursor to Office 365.

The problems appear to be intermittent, but are more than enough to irk customers, who are being vocal about the need for transparency and a dashboard of network health. Microsoft has had its outage issues and Mary Jo Foley has chronicled them repeatedly. Microsoft noted that the problems were with BPOS not Office 365.

A few comments worth sampling.

  • This is the 3rd straight day of issues and we've had intermittent problems since we got on board back in January. Sick and tired of it. I'll be looking for another solution. Microsoft can't even run their own email application!
  • Third time in 48 hours in Ohio. Tuesday PM, overnight/this morning(from around midnight to 8am) and now. Absolutely ridiculous
  • This needs to stop now, degraded and down service basically all week is not what we are paying fo.r The tech support on the line is not giving proper explanation as to what the issue is. Having a support rep at MS tell me it went from orange to red and back again is disrepectful and has me seriously questioning why we should continue using this service. How about a real explanation and a real fix ?
  • noticed that you didn't add a happy face. No happy faces here, either. Back to in-house servers we go, I suppose. This string of incidents will set the cloud/offsite model back months, if not years, i fear.. This may be good for us on the ground, but bad for the hosted model forward momentum.
  • I am blown away at the lack of coverage in the searches, media, blogs, etc. Google BPOS down and you get nothing current! We need to get the word out, i agree.

Consider the word out now. Hopefully these customers can get some attention now.

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