Microsoft builds $300M cathedral to Bill Gates, hires Jerry Seinfeld as Pope

Summary:I'm just having a little fun.... I don't get the Seinfeld commercial.

I'm just having a little fun.... I don't get the Seinfeld commercial. They are selling Bill, not Windows. What's with that? Bill retired in July.

This just in from Adweek's commercials critic, Barbara Lippert:

The Future. Delicious" is the sign-off, but I am permanently grossed out by the vision of Gates' ass wink.

Also, why would they want to use the word "Delicious," when it is a brand of apple? Altogether, beyond bizarre.

There's an iconic moment, Bill's "ass wink." Up there with the Win95 launch (with Ferris wheel), Microsoft BOB (with Scuzz the rat) and the IE launch in Microsoft lore.

Topics: Enterprise Software, Microsoft, Windows


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