Mobile connectivity and platform independence

Summary:I have become platform agnostic, and it's due to the maturation of mobile connectivity. It is madly liberating, as it has shifted my focus to getting the work done, and not on how that will happen.

I have become platform agnostic, and it's due to the maturation of mobile connectivity. Most of my work methods have migrated to the cloud, and that has eliminated my dependence on any computing platform, desktop or mobile. It is madly liberating, as it has moved my focus to getting the work done, and not on how that will happen.

I haven't used a desktop system in years, as I migrated to mobile computers early on. I connect external monitors to notebook computers when working at the desk, but can unplug them and go mobile at any time. I use both OS X and Windows equally throughout my work week, as the platform has become irrelevant to my work. All of my important information and files are in the cloud, so the computing device has become merely a conduit to the work. It doesn't matter if I grab a Mac or a Windows laptop when I head out the door, nor does it matter if it's been a while since I used that particular system.

I use the term computing device deliberately, as the conduit is no longer always a computer. Smartphones have evolved in capability to become handheld computers, and tablets have hit the scene providing similar functionality. They are all simply conduits to the information and thus the work, so the platforms they employ are no longer major factors in getting the work done. It is a mobilization of the work in effect.

The evolution of mobile networks is behind this platform independence, as it has contributed to the improvement of cloud services. It is now the norm to have connectivity at all times, independent of location. It is a matter of picking up a device and tapping into the cloud. It doesn't matter if the device is running Windows, OS X, Android, iOS, BlackBerry OS or any other platform. The connectivity is the key to getting work done at any time, anywhere.

My situation is not the same as everyone's, and I am not implying that platform independence is possible for everyone. But I do believe it is possible for many folks out there, if the focus shifts away from the platform. Focus on the work at hand and how to get it done, and it might surprise you to realize that the platform is not as important as you think.

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