News to know: Apple; Fixing Vista; Earth Day; Web 2.0 Expo

Notable headlines:Tom Foremski: Open letter to Steve Jobs: Apple should have a first adopter network program and give discounts to loyal customersJason O'Grady: Something killed my MacBook Pro David Morgenstern: Are there enough suckers in the world to make a market for Mac clones?

Notable headlines:

Tom Foremski: Open letter to Steve Jobs: Apple should have a first adopter network program and give discounts to loyal customers

Ed Bott: Fixing Windows Vista, one machine at a time Gallery (right): Fixing Windows Vista on a Sony Vaio

Mary Jo Foley: It's official: XP SP3 has RTM'd

Ryan Stewart: RIA-related talks and companies at Web 2.0 Expo. Epicenter: Web 2.0 Expo Preview: Torture by Information Overload 

Harry Fuller: Earth Day - have a gas. Heather Clancy: Earth Day: Is the impact worth the build-up?

Security wrap:

Matthew Miller: Mobile software Monday: World

Mate for S60 and Windows Mobile

Forrester: Social networking will be biggest enterprise 2.0 priority by 2013; Smaller businesses reticent

Google: Developer sandbox for iGoogle launches. Garett Rogers: Google has big plans for iGoogle

Six Apart: At Your Service: The Next Evolution of Six Apart

TechRepublic: What drives your company's decision making process?

ParisLemon: Twitter FAIL Day 3: Communications Breakdown

John Morris: Intel cuts quad-core prices AMD can't get to 45nm fast enough. A 12-core package? AMD's 45nm chips to hit faster speeds? Adrian Kingsley-Hughes: Intel cuts price of quad-core Q6700 by 50%

Janice Chen: Forget WiFi, how about built-in GPS in your digital camera?

Photos: 'Mobot' races test design skills (right)

Rik Fairlie: Ruckus launches first mesh-based 802.11n WLAN

Jason Perlow: PC Industry Episode II: Attack of the Mac Clones

TechRepublic: How out of date are your IT skills?

BBC: Ubuntu ‘reaping Linux dividend’

ReadWriteWeb: OpenID Usability: Two Solutions That Could Take OpenID Mainstream

Dell rolls out premium consumer support

Photos: Green buildings for the rest of us

Richard Koman: Move to increase H1B visas

Most powerful brands: Sure Google is No. 1, but Apple shines as does tech overall

Dave Greenfield: Siemens vs. Microsoft: Round Two

NYT: New Wii Games Find a Big (but Stingy) Audience


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