News to know: Cyber attacks; Google; Windows security; Gmail outage

Notable headlines:Larry Dignan: Georgia turns to Google's Blogger amid Russia onslaughtDancho Danchev: Coordinated Russia vs Georgia cyber attack in progressZDNet UK: Georgia accuses Russia of co-ordinated cyberattackVideo: Defcon: Where feds and hackers rub Defcon ends with researchers muzzled, viruses written Ed Bott: Windows security rendered useless?

Notable headlines:

Larry Dignan: Georgia turns to Google's Blogger amid Russia onslaught

Ed Bott: Windows security rendered useless? Uh, not exactly

Ryan Naraine: Google releases open-source crypto toolkit

Tom Steinert-Threlkeld: MobileMe: Still Not Up (To Anyone's Standard)

John Morris: HP announces three new EliteBooks

Jennifer Leggio: Lijit secures $7.1 million series C roundChristopher Dawson: Did the big boys really kill OLPC? Times of London: Why Microsoft and Intel tried to kill the XO $100 laptop AMD to Nvidia: Two chips are better than one

Richard Koman: Hack-the-T presentation hits the Web

Mary Jo Foley: Visual Studio 2008 SP1: Why not VS 2009?

Heather Clancy: Cree LED light components getting littler

Garett Rogers: Gmail locks out users for an hour

Deb Perelman: Compete away, whether you live in California or not

Tom Steinert-Threlkeld: The Olympics Watch: Not That Much

TechRepublic: 10 ways to help your users enhance their online credibility

John Morris: Via stops making chipsets for Intel, AMD systems

Review: Creative Zen Zi-Fi Apple, AT&T mum on iPhone 3G issues

Larry Dignan: Will it be a Kindle Christmas? Amazon: Still trailing eBay in third party sales but...

Steve O'Hear: BlueWhaleMail: Facebook messages "pushed" to your cellphone

Dana Gardner: Data services provide catalyst for SOA, set stage for cloud-based data models

Boy Genius Report: Motorola Alexander's non-QWERTY counterpart, Atila

Roland Piquepaille: Solar nanoantenna energy collectors

Dana Blankenhorn: Open source offers a seamless transition to work

Sam Diaz: Netscape keeps users; Vista struggles to grab new ones

Paul Murphy: When equivalence is the wrong question

Richard Koman: Congress moves - slowly - towards new privacy laws

Matthew Miller: Congratulations Apple, you made the iPhone less stable than Windows Mobile

Dennis Howlett: An iGeneration view of TLAs

Dana Blankenhorn: Will vendors now boycott Massachusetts?

Forbes: Servers: Why Thrifty Isn't NiftyMatthew Miller: Rumored Palm Centro2 is simply a marketing student's mock-up

Best Buy goes kiosk

TechCrunch: DEMO v. TechCrunch50 Takes A Nasty Turn With Charges Of Plagiarism

Michael Krigsman: Heart pacemakers vulnerable to attack

Cable: Natural born monopoly?

Video: Will Wi-Fi fly with travelers?


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