News to know: DRM; 3G iPhone; Opsware

Notable headlines:Ed Bott: Everything you’ve read about Vista DRM is wrong (Part 2).David Berlind: If true, Jobs quote of "A 3G iPhone later next year" should kill demand for iPhone 1.

Notable headlines:

Ed Bott: Everything you’ve read about Vista DRM is wrong (Part 2).

David Berlind: If true, Jobs quote of "A 3G iPhone later next year" should kill demand for iPhone 1.0. Matthew Miller: Steve Jobs confirms that a 3G iPhone will be coming in 2008.

Ryan Naraine: Firefox ships 'fix' for QuickTime attack vector. Backdooring Windows Media files (and assorted Microsoft security problems). Dan Farber: Opsware adds storage to datacenter automation suite.

David Berlind: With hardware-based hypervisors, Hitachi says 'ditch software like Xen, VMware'

David Morgenstern: Microsoft offers 'peak' at Office 2008 for Mac.

Photos: SpongeBob's electronic evolution.

John Spooner: Intel Penryn set to arrive early. George Ou: Intel demos second-gen, 45nm Nehalem CPU. Larry Dignan: Intel to launch Penryn in November. Intel statement. In core wars, AMD carves out some open field. Intel reaps Havok for $110 million.

Michael Krigsman: SAP's A1S: love, not pricing, is key. SAP to unveil Web-delivered business software.

Dana Blankenhorn: With health reco

rds security is an afterthought. Mandate electronic records by law? A VC: Tough Times Ahead For The Web?

Photos: The blended-wing design of Boeing's X-48B.

Rivals make run at Microsoft Office.

Larry Dignan: Is there anyone not targeting Microsoft Office? Mary Jo Foley: Is Lotus Symphony the next Office killer? Dan Farber: IBM attacks Microsoft with an OpenOffice symphony. Paula Rooney: IBM Symphony falls on deaf ears without open source e-mail, calendar. Phil Wainewright: Yahoo! targets Exchange, not Office, with Zimbra. Techmeme.

George Ou: Is the 50 watt PC possible using commodity parts?

Russell Shaw: Time Warner Digital Phone catching up to Vonage as #2 VoIP provider.

Dennis Howlett: Sage to be acquired?

Ryan Naraine: Google ships open-sou

rce security fuzzer.

Matthew Miller: Fujitsui U810 ultra-portable PC now available. Nokia announces a new Eseries smartphone, the E51. Gallery right.

George Lucas turns computers into pencils. HP backs African recycling research.

Information security by the numbers: It’s not pretty. Richard Stiennon: Time for defensive technology to become top priority.

Larry Dignan: OnForce raises $6.75 million venture round; Eyes expansion.


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