News to know: Filtering CES; Treo 750 review; Google in space

Notable headlines: The problem with CES: There's just too damn much of it. Here's a recap of what seems to be the most interesting stuff thus far.

Notable headlines: 

The problem with CES: There's just too damn much of it. Here's a recap of what seems to be the most interesting stuff thus far.

Connected homes aren’t just for the super-rich anymore. HP pitches 'little iron' for the home. Windows Home Server: What’s inside? Video: Gadgets galore.

CES and Macworld amount to zip — until we get better interplay among the companies controlling the parts.

Is there anyone who didn't cover the Bill Gates speech. (For those sleeping--or those who fell asleep--he pitched a server in every home.) Techmeme coverage here.

lifts the curtain on Vista Ultimate Extras. Long list of bugs that will keep me off of Vista.

Ships 1 Million PS3s in N. America

Microsoft revises its Windows Live developer platform vision.

Sling to debut PC-to-TV box

Two new Skype-compatible devices set for CES debut. CES: Is Netgear’s wireless Skype phone ready to dethrone your old cordless one?  

Bloggers are everywhere at CES: Scoble, Engadget, Gizmodo et al. My advice: Use Techmeme to filter.

LG to sell first Blu-ray/HD DVD combo player.

Yahoo optimizes Messenger for Vista

Roundups: ZDNet CES news and blog archive; CNET CES archive; WSJ blog; PCMag; and Yahoo coverage.

And then there's Macworld:

Even Macworld's setup is covered.

Google-Apple collaboration on tap.

Apple appears to want in on Cisco’s “iPhone” trademark.

Apple Quietly Canned Lawyer Who Backdated.

Review: VMWare slices up Mac OS

Hands on: Setting up a storage network in your home

Windows Vista test drive. Linux: No longer a winner?

Palm Treo 750 Review. Photos of the device.

Researchers Use Wikipedia To Make Computers Smarter

Google will let you to explore space.

EMC cuts more jobs.

Startup ranks thin. Do Web 2.0 start-ups need profits? Peerflix as sign of Web 2.0 doom.

Firefox use nearly doubled in '06.

Why you should pay for thin clients.

DOJ pushes FBI to broaden data sharing with outside agencies

Ford, Microsoft get in Sync on in-car tech. Who revived the electric car? Auto show concept sketches.


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