News to know: Firefox 3.0; iPhone apps; Yahoo; LinkedIn; Millennials

Notable headlines:Jason O'Grady: My most anticipated (announced) iPhone applicationsNate McFeters: Fresh off the press: iPhoneDbg toolkit hotnessAdrian Kingsley-Hughes: Firefox 3.0 final - First thoughts.

Notable headlines:

Jason O'Grady: My most anticipated (announced) iPhone applications

Nate McFeters: Fresh off the press: iPhoneDbg toolkit hotness

Adrian Kingsley-Hughes: Firefox 3.0 final - First thoughts.

Gallery (right)

Ed Bott: 10 top Vista tweaks, part 2. Rik Fairlie: How to repair a dropped Wi-Fi signal on Vista laptops

TechCrunch: Flickr Co-founders Join Mass Exodus From Yahoo

Zack Whittaker: The killer apps of academia

Michael Krigsman: Graphing the triple constraints of IT failure

Richard Koman: Government 2.0: Focus is on IT recruiting

Techmeme: LinkedIn raises $53 million

Larry Dignan: Millennials: Will they really reinvent IT?

Dan Farber: Facebook and Google still not ready to connect friends

Christopher Dawson: Mac and PC are at it again

Paul Murphy: A visit to the Microsoft Newseum

Jennifer Leggio: Kyte and Qik engaged in neck-and-neck streaming video race

Jason O'Grady: Western Digital releases 7200RPM 320GB n

otebook drive

Boomtown: BoomTown's Short List of Yahoo CEOs (Sorry Jerry, but Fortune Favors the Prepared)

Dana Gardner: HP has its sights set on swift yet cost-reduction-intense data center transformation projects

Jason Perlow: Parallels releases its Hypervisor -- on the Mac

David Morgenstern: Nova Media restores Leopard's missing Bluetooth phone functions

TechCrunch: Google App Engine Goes Down and Stays Down

Harry Fuller: Too green? Too much information? Global warming a natural process? Give up yet?

Mark Cuban: Hulu is kicking Youtube's Ass

AP: Best Buy 1Q profit falls but beats expectations

Michael Krigsman: IRS rebate checks: more problems

Ryan Stewart: Apple finally goes RIA

Dana Blankenhorn: Open source has yet to learn it pays to advertise

Bank of America check card data co


Joe McKendrick: Analysts: Cloud computing means new role for service registries

Silicon Alley Insider: EA Still Trying To Wait Out Take-Two. It May Be Working

Dan Kusnetzky: Stratus Avance a new take on clustering

Photos: Mars lander discovers white stuff (right)

TechRepublic: A .NET primer on reference types and value types

Roland Piquepaille: Robots working 6,000 meters below sea level

Tallying up the benefits of EPEAT purchasing

Dana Blankenhorn: Gerontologists see something worse than death


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